Mr. Craw: Intercontinental Gull of Mystery

Anonnaa of the Den Asaan, companion of Obhantaa Leraa, hat-wearer, parapet-scouter, these are only a few of Mr. Craw the Gull's talents. His ever-unblinking eye sees much and as one who has governance of the skies, he is subject to much of what goes on in the Diras castle keep. Here, disguised as Captain Craw, we can see his charms hard at work. His other disguises include Pope Bhontaa the Second, Kermit Craw and the ever-classic M Gull, which can be seen below:
 See those gulls above the temple, unassuming and fancy-free? That's really Mr. Craw, searching for evidence of hootenanery below. So, whenever you see a gull in the sky or hear the faint sounds of a cry in the distance, take solace in knowing that Mr. Craw is looking out for you.


    Mr.Craw RULEZ!!!!!
    I swear the cutest gull in the whole world HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA and wherever I am I know he's always watching me with his unblinking round big eye ROFL I just feel it hahahahahahaahahah
    Definitely a perfect animal companion for Den Asaan Rautu :D


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