Story for the day: The Order

Mr. Craw is not in this story but, as this is a special story for the holiday, he is showing his festive face. Merry Crawmas, from Bhontaa the Gull, aka Mr. Craw

The Order
                The presence of Galleisian traders and merchants had increased in Frewyn as of late. Their improved appearance was owing to the number of merchants from Marridon. Once the trade agreements between Frewyn and their northern neighbors across the Dremmwel Sea were settled, those from the Triumvirate thought it advisable to inundate Frewyn’s markets. Many of them made conscious attempts to profit from the Den Asaan’s insatiability and when news went round that his decided palate would bring wealth to the one who could please it, the Galleisians became bold and declared they would be the ones to enchant him.
                Diras Delights had always been the Den Asaan’s preference for his confectionary wiles and since the first day he had become acquainted with the bakery of distinction, his favor to the shoppe had never faltered. He had tried all iteration of cakes and chocolate from a grand variety of other shoppes around the capital but none could provoke his interest compared to his foremost love. There was one Galleisian cake shoppe that had at one enticed him but they made the abhorrent mistake of dressing their wares with buttercream, an abomination in the highest regard. They had heard of the Den Asaan’s horror of fruits gracing his cakes and therefore never ventured to suggest one of their afamed tarts to him but they had heard he could be converted by way of his intimates. Perhaps his mate or his brothers would have an effect in changing his inflexible mind, but there was one in their acquaintance whose adoration of sugared plums and frangipane pies was acknowledged.
                          Kai Linaa, though small in appearance, was large in appetite. Her love of Galleisian pancakes was well known throughout the castle keep and it was foretold that as long as she was given her favourite treat once in a short while, she was content with eating Phoraas for the rest. When the Galleisian bakery became gallant enough to entreat her to an insight into the Den Asaan’s tastes, they sent her a letter of entreaty asking for a inclination of the giant’s preferences. She replied that chocolate was the path to success in that respect and to honour the bakery’s attempt to encourage his affections, she ordered a large cake that was to be prepared especially for him. She specified a few particulars that she believed would help them win his heart and she was told to expect the cake to arrive at the castle grounds in two days time. She paid the sum of ten silver for the order and anxiously awaited its arrival. She sat within the kitchen at her drawing paper the chief of the day and waited for news that the cake had come, but when the sun had set on the day, no such report had come. She thought little of the delay, believed the bakery was merely overworked and was resolved that the cake should come tomorrow. It did not, however, nor was it delivered for the remainder of the week. She observed again the slip she was given when her order was taken. She had waited on the exact day and had given them much leniency, but there was nothing to propose they had come at all.
                Dejected and saddened, Kai Linaa moped through the servant’s quarter and into the main hall where she met the commander just coming in from the gallery. She was asked of her dampened spirits, gave the reason, and the episode was declared disreputable and unwholesome. The commander gave her services at visiting the bakery and even offered her mate’s enjoyment of shouting to accompany her but Kai Linaa pleaded not to involve themselves with something that was intended as a gift. She was only sorry that the cake was boasted as the most exquisite cake in all of Frewyn but for so exquisite a cake, she wondered why it should be so absent. She thanked the commander for her concern and hobbled back to her quarters to be sullen.
                From the end of the gallery, Obhantaa Leraa had seen Kai Linaa’s vexatious expression. It pained him to see his partner in felicity so low and he harboured the wish to help his great friend immediately. He went to fetch Otenohi, knowing that his manner of asking could not be denied any answers, and the two giants set off to question Kai Linaa in her room. She made a few protestations and said everything that was polite to excuse the bakery for the mistake but Otenohi would not permit such an offense to go unpunished.
                “Ghiosa,” Otenohi said to Kai Linaa in a demanding tone. “Let me see the paper you were given as a promise of this order.” He was not refused and perused the receipt with vehemence in his gaze. “Come with me, Ghiosa. I will make certain this promise is fulfilled.” He thundered through the keep and bade Obhantaa to assure Kai Linaa’s attendance.
                The crowds of the markets parted before Otenohi as he stormed toward the address foolishly marked on the top of the order. When they reached the front doors of the bakery, Otenohi turned to his brother and said, “Make certain our Anonnaa remains here. I will return with her order or something of equal value.”
                Obhantaa’s eyes sparkled. “Are you going to ask them in your special way, Dhirghena?” he said, hopping with excitement.
                “I am commander and inquisitor of the islands, brother. My questions are answered and my word is heeded or I show the extent of my displeasure.” Otenohi exchanged a terrible grin with Kai Linaa, flexed his enormous arms to display his intended dominance and walked into the shoppe.
                Upon entering, he observed the grand number of cakes on display, each one of them tailored to perfections and marked with a specific order sheet. He looked about for the cake described by Kai Linaa and found none to match it. The parlour at the front was empty of customers and there was only one attendant behind the counter. He approached with a seemingly friendly expression and waited to be attended, but when no recognition came to him, he decided the insolence on the part of the Galleisian confectionary had gone far enough. He reached forward and gripped the neglectful attendant by the neck. He pushed down with a quick jolt and his captive’s forehead crashed into the counter, rendering the man unconscious. He lifted the slight man and noted a bell that was to be rung for service upon the countertop. Otenohi used the man’s limp body to ring it and when another attendant hurried toward him from the back of the bakery, he gripped the front of his uniform and smacked his head against the head of his previous victim, giving the new assistant cause to suffer the same fate.
                 The manager of the establishment, when he heard the commotion in the front parlour, came directly to aid. The sight of the immense dark grey giant holding two of his employees in his firm grasp, looking down at him with a vicious grin and depraved glance, made him immediately cower in fear. He wondered what he had done to warrant such a visit and begged his pardon for the reason behind Otenohi’s insurrection.  
                The inquisitor tossed his playthings aside and bowed with cordiality. He showed the order to the manager, brining him close by his collar so that he may mark it well. “Was this written in your hand?” the giant said in a frighteningly pleasant voice.
                The manager nodded and swallowed hard.
                “This order is a seven date late. You have promised a service and it was not done. Why?”
                The manager attempted to conceal his nervousness but failed when he was forced to admit that the order had been lost.  
                Otenohi’s vivid eyes flared in anger. “You accepted compensation for a charge you had no intention of completing?” he said in a calm voice.
                “Please, this has all been a misunderstanding,” the manager begged. “I’ll have the cake made right now and I’ll have it delivered-“
                “No,” Otenohi said with a dreadful tenor. “I will not leave here until I have her order in my hand and I will bring it to her.  She has been kind in assuming you fulfilled your oaths but do not believe so easily. Return to your Mhojhudarron and complete this order.”
                An hour later, the cake was done. It was a work to be marveled and when it was handed to Otenohi, he thanked the manager for his compliance with the promise of an unfortunate return should he think to abandon his post again. He marched out of the bakery and presented the cake to Kai Linaa with a bow and a wide smile.
                “Ghiosa, listen to my words,” he purred. “Do not commission this Mhojhudarron again. I have made certain they will never again forget a charge but I am asking you to purchase these Ataasna elsewhere. Laugh at their demise. They will slight you no longer.”
                “Thank you, Otenohi,” Kai Linaa said with a shy shrug of her shoulder. “You’re such a thoughtful and helpful brother.”
                “This is my Mivaala, Ghiosa, and I am honoured to perform it on your behalf.”
                Obhantaa Leraa smiled when Kai Linaa’s happy spirits returned and the three of them returned to the castle to deliver the Den Asaan his long-awaited prize. Although the cake was indeed an exquisite venture, it was agreed that it could not compare with those of Diras Delights. The matter was settled and no Galleisian ever attempted to obtain the giant’s favor again knowing that the wrath of a fierce brother would befall them should they fail.   


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