Khantara and Anelta's first Khopra

I love seeing Khantara and Anelta together. I won't be posting anymore stories from this book but I wanted to share this because I think it's a nice moment between them. Enjoy.

Anelta was whisked away by the attendants into a small chamber beside the entrance to the garden while Khantara made their first attempt known to the Themari. They were parted with the promise of reuniting and Anelta was urged to go with her sisters to the small preparation room without him. The bustling women spoke what little they could in Thellisian to give their animated assurances to her, and they repeated numerous times how fortunate and revered a creature she must have been to be chosen by the honoured Den Amhadhri Khantara. Anelta was asked if she required assistance in her preparation and she gave her affirmations in a nervous tenor. The assistants remained and did everything that was expected for the woman’s advancement.

    Anelta was brought into the shaft of light pressing through the high ceiling of the small chamber. There was a waterfall on one side of the room that led into a shallow pool and drained out toward the garden. Flowers adorned the vines growing along the side of wall and a small table filled with balms and oils sat beside a low stile where Anelta was bid to sit. Her sandals were removed and her feet were washed, each fold in her braid was garnished with a bloom of varying shades, and her skin was rubbed with a gentle salve to enhance her mellifluous fragrance. The eagerness of the attendants diffused any remaining anxiety and when she was prepared, her effects were placed to the side and she was brought to the chamber in which Khantara was awaiting her presence.

    When she entered the warmed stone room, she found the colossus sitting quietly in his meditative state, his Dhanna removed and his great axe leaning against the wall at his side. He droned to himself with his eye closed, calming is already tranquil mind, as he was uncertain of what to expect from his inbred affliction with such a woman to ravish. His position gave her a moment of ease and she prepared her smile for him when he opened his eyes. He looked at her with an overjoyed countenance and was pleased to be confronting her while sitting down. He held out his hand to encourage her toward him and Anelta went with great celerity, wanting to do all that was essential for his fulfillment. She was pulled into his lap, one hand bent her knees and placed her legs over his thigh and the other cradled her head as the giant pressed his mouth to hers.

    They remained locked in their congenial embrace for some time. His hand continually roved her slight form, traveling the length of her thighs until her hips were reached. His palm spread wide over her lean stomach and massaged her flesh, his thumb grazing the bottom of her breast. His lips browsed her chest and grazed the space between her mounds. He waited for her to move her wrapped cloth aside so that he may divert himself with that which he most desired to see and he was soon obliged.

    Anelta pulled aside the folds of her ceremonial gown, removing her source of concealment and where she believed she would feel reluctant or embarrassed by how insignificant she was compared to others, the giant’s rapacious looks eradicated any hope for humiliation. She arched her back and enjoyed feeling his imbibing force on her breasts. His teeth abraded her flesh as he hummed in bliss for the taste of her exposure. His hand wandered below her covering, inching toward her untried crevice. She inhaled when his fingers made the first introduction. Though his hands were calloused and colossal, she was moved to spread her legs and benefit from his pleasing movements. His fingers moved back and forth, opening that which was previously closed, and though there was some discomfort at first, it was all soon dissuaded. She writhed with each careful motion. The sensation of her expansion was unfamiliar and yet agreeable in every sense. Her moans were dampened by Khantara’s mouth silencing her cries. In her rapturous condition, Anelta’s hand unconsciously gravitated beneath her, toward the giant’s draping and torn warkilt. Her palm pressed against the length of his mass and she felt him thicken and grow with each decadent shift.

    After a few moment, Khantara pulled away and placed Anelta before him. He lifted himself to his knees to untie his kilt and cloth. He observed Anelta’s reaction after removing his war kilt from his waist. She had never seen from his lower body in so clear a light and he wondered if she would remain intrepid after seeing what he had to offer her. Her bright eyes widened in astonishment when he became visible through his paltry loincloth and when he unwrapped it entirely, Anelta brought her hand to her chest and swallowed hard. He knew his size in relation to hers and he perceived the intense alarm and concern on Anelta’s face.

    “I don’t know if I can-“ she began, but she was quieted by her own consternation.

    Khantara sat with his legs folded and returned Anelta to his lap. She would not take her eyes from the source of her agitation, her body was overwrought, and Khantara molded his hand around her chin as he quietly sought to give her some reprieve. “We will do only what we are able, Haasta,” he said with decisiveness. “It is my wish that this will be pleasurable for you and that I will be successful, but there is no shame in failing the first time. I must be the one to worry about your comfort. If you believe I am incapable of fulfilling you, you will be hesitant to ask me again.” He smiled warmly at her. “Come, Iimon Haasta Leraa, allow me to please you.”                      

       Khantara lifted Anelta over him and bid her to place her shins on his thighs. He explained descending in such a manner would permit her to control the rate at which she fell. Her legs were parted over him and he held her close against his chest as he commanded her to inhale. She breathed in and when she exhaled, Khantara lifted his hips and forced himself within her taut opening. She clapped her hand over her mouth to keep silent. The pain was unbearable and while the extension his fingers accorded her was pleasing, this was not. The perverse breadth of his distended vas was not to be borne and she lifted herself only after a few moments upon him. Tears graced her cheeks, more in disappointment for her failed first attempt than for the pain it caused. She leaned over his boulderous shoulders and threw her arms around his strong neck.

    “Haasta,” Khantara said in his low, quiet voice, caressing her back as she cried. “Be gradual and it will be easier for you.”

    Anelta nodded and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She looked down, breathed in and began again. She made the allowance for a reasonable portion of his immense size and was held in place to guard her from taking more than she was able. She was bid to close her eyes on concentrate on her comfort and she felt Khantara grip the side of her waist. She was lifted slightly and then placed back down. The measured and regular infiltration became easier with each impalement. The lingering pain was soon replaced with steadiness and ease until it transformed into a small pleasure. When she was at ease, she asked for more, and her request was readily granted.

    They continued in this fashion of lifting and slow descent until Anelta reached her limit at half of the giant’s length. She remained on her shins and when her most favorable comfort was reached, Anelta began undulating her hips. Her lips parted and he made soft cries as waves of pleasure rippled through her. Her enjoyment was heightened by the feeling of the giant’s tongue lapping her supple breasts. Her fingers coiled around his molded locks and pulled with every thrust that was made.

    Seeing Anelta finally in a state of alleviation allowed Khantara to enjoy the woman upon him. The tactile imprint of her pale skin, the enticing scent caught in the nape of her neck, the warmth of her temperate body roused his appetite. He was mindful of his rocking motions, making certain to follow her lead, but when her eagerness overcame her, Khantara allowed himself to release the extent of his craving. His hand pressed down on her lower back and his breathing deepened as he invaded her body. She cried out in a blend of pain and elation, and the more she expressed her delight, the faster he drove. His expression grew depraved and his need overpowered his usual reserved manner. The feeling of a woman and al she could afford upon him was an amusement for which he could not have prepared. He wanted all of her aspects at once and he plunged into her at an alarming rate. The intensity of his motions and the sensation of her warm succulence arriving compelled him to wave his hips faster. He did not stop, he would not until his satiation was met. He felt the sudden tightness of Anelta’s reach her own culmination. Her body flushed with colour and she leaned forward onto him to brace herself through her peak. He used her pleasure to impel himself upward and he thrust into her until for his own delectation. He exhaled in pleasance, feeling his arrival. His seed spread generously through her small breach and he fondled breasts as he reached his completion.

    When both were gratified, they lie together along the stone ground, regarding each other with warm smiles and sparkling looks. They said few words of their enjoyment but the phrase most concerning was the one of Khantara’s asking for Anelta’s exclusivity. He felt he wished to be with no other in Khopra than her and he extended the Ghilstaa Menaas. She rejoined instantly with a yes in reply and to his happiness, she asked if they could perform the ritual again until she came to accommodate him further. Khantara could not disapprove, he would not even though he felt that perhaps his newfound Traala needed some deserved rest. After a few moments’ pause, he righted himself and prepared to fulfill his woman as many times as she would ask.          


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW That was the most beautiful first time ever ^^^^^^^^
    I read it one more time now, which adds to all the previous times I read it already, and every time it's more and more beautiful :D The way he cares about her and is delicate with her at the beginning, though still passionate , the way pain turned into such a pleasure for her, omg the idea of always calm and reserved Khantara - a hero of his nation, a Den, an Odaibha, an example to all his people - loosing it while having Khopra with her, the idea of him wanting her so much and acting in such a manner and fucking her so fast is OH DEAR GOD SO HOT!!! *DROOL*
    Their first time was everything I was waiting for, everything I was hoping for it to be, and even more!! :D :D
    The end was lovely, with them lying on the ground and enjoying each other's company, and him asking her for exclusivity ^^ MMMMMMMM and then more Khopra :D
    Absolutely beautiful and amazing ^^

  2. So unselfish of Khantara. So beautiful for them both!


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