Ladrei and the Woman

I love seeing Ladrei seduce someone. He is a crime lord after all. 

Ladrei and the Woman
                “Would you wish to be one of my mine?"Ladrei asked the tremulous woman.
                "You had said-" she began, but she stopped and could no longer continue on the subject.
                She had seen the opulence in which he lived. The women, though bare, were well cared for. Every comfort of life was given them and she could not help but wonder at their sense of obligation. It seemed a life of wealth and simplicity: please the guild lord once or twice in a day, attend him, be paraded about in front of others who would never be permitted to touch that which Ladrei had purchased. There was no fault in supposing herself fancied by the most sumptuous man in the capital. She remained silent in her deliberation and her attentions were elsewhere until a firm, tanned hand was on her thigh. It had crept there without her notice. It was subtle and dexterous in its application but harsh in practice. She breathed in, her inhalation quick and held. She would not look up. She could only look at the hand upon her and she was caught between the want to have it in a more pleasurable place and the desire to be left as she was.  A moment of quiet passed and when she ventured to gaze up at her delicate assailant, she saw Ladrei eyeing her with a narrowed glance. She watched his eyes travel the length of her lithe legs and rise once more to her anxious expression.
                He removed his hand from her and as he had received no words of opposition or pleas for liberation from his nest, he half-smiled and began removing his fitted clothing. He unfastened the buttons of his silken shirt, keeping his unwavering gaze upon her chary countenance. The elaborate decoration adoring his body was revealed and he enjoyed watching a sense of wonderment overcome the women before him. His form, while slender, was well defined and his multihued markings animated as he moved his wiry frame. Dragons breathed fire, a phoenix left behind a trail of blazing flames as it flew, and the queen of legend danced beneath the stars. His titivation enchanted her and he ventured to be brazen enough to present the remainder of his careful carvings. He unhinged the binding of his bitches and invited her to regard the multitude of garnishings along his back and legs. He turned and removed the remainder of his garments, displaying his molded backside and strong thighs. Ships with waving sails were at sea, a great tree bloomed in a breath of life, and the fey of the ancients fluttered along the length of his legs. He permitted her a close look at the depressions made by the chisel into his flesh and when she was at a near enough distance, he turned to face her, giving her a view of another delight he had to offer.
                He did not wait for consent of any sort. The unyielding glint in her eye conveyed her unmitigated aspiration and he grinned to think of how eager her young mind was in comparison to how reluctant she seemed. His prowling over her forced her to lie back onto the divan beneath her. She made a few small cries of how she could not possibly compare to the fulsome women of his harem and though Ladrei heard her protestations and disparaging tone, he ignored her. He placed his hand over her mouth and silenced her with a disarming raise of his perfect brow.  His eyes glowed with depravity and deviance as he remarked the deep valley between her breasts.
                "I think I'm going to enjoy this," he said quietly, enunciating every phrase with his lilting accent.
                With a flick of his agile fingers, he unfastened the locks of her stay and his eyes flared with senseless joy to see the extent of her charms freed from their encasement. He repeated his assertion of his satisfaction and prepared to spend the remainder of the evening between the crevice of her supple thighs.