Story for the day: Drawing

       Obhantaa Leraa was in the training yard of the castle keep when he was overpowered by thirst. Although the Frewyn summers could never compare to the sweltering heat of the islands, Obhantaa's prolonged sessions of rhinghaata and Hophsaas afforded him the added craving for refreshment. He looked about for Kai Linaa, whose duties were divided between dolling well water for him and his brothers and drawing in at the table in the kitchen. She had always walked through the training fields in the morning hours but once she was at the table after they had shared their morning meal, she would not be removed from it until nightfall when she and Unghaahi contrived to be alone for the evening.
       Obhantaa went to the well in the courtyard for a few needed sips of water and then agreed on a pause in his training to visit Kai Linaa at her place in the kitchen. He bowed and greeted everyone with cheerful smiles as he walked through the servant's quarter and when he came to the entrance of the furnace, he saw his object sitting intently by the window, well away from the heat of the ovens. He called to her to shake her from her objective state and she welcomed him with open arms and a fervent invitation to sit at her side. He took his place on the ground beside the table and as he shifted in his place for comfort, his eye caught the parchment upon which she was currently drawing.
       An image of a bird outlined with dark charcoals graced the page. Obhantaa awed at it for some time, remarking the style of the whisping strokes and the manner in which it made the bird seem in midflight. He was careful to keep his hand at his side, as he was warned of the smudges of Frewyn's implements, but he remained for a few minutes to observe Kai Linaa perform her art as she had done when he had performed his.      
       "Can I watch, Mizoahi?" Obhantaa asked. His amber eyes were large with adoration and interest and he was given all the permission in the world to remain as long as he liked. He inundated Kai Linaa with an array of inquiries on the matters of her prefer materials for her practice, her preferred subjects, if she would delight in drawing his hangaara and if she would honour his several kittens with a portrait once they could find means of falling asleep.
       Kai Linaa was overjoyed to have company and though her work was slower in its completion the notion of having someone to ask preference was a delight. Her mate was the decider on her art. He had always remarked that her portraits and sketches were exquisite and though she should not like to question Unghaahi's tastes, she believed the opinion and prospect of another would yield a deferring result. She was wrong, however, in this assumption. She was assaulted with praise from Obhantaa. She professed that she did not deserve such words of adulation for her meager work but her assertions were all brushed aside by Obhantaa's resolutions of her gifts.
       "Dhenidha says you are a skilled Bhendosha," Obhantaa declared. "Dhenidha is honourable. He is Den Amhadhri and an Amghari. He would not be dishonest."
       Kai Linaa blushed and looked to the side. "No, he wouldn't lie," she murmured with a fond sigh.   "Drawing for me is like magic."
       "Magic, Mizoahi?" Obhantaa asked in bemusement.
       "I draw what I see in my mind and then bring it to life on paper." Kai Linaa flipped the pages of her parchment and suddenly the bird seemed to move. She had made a few iterations of the same imagine in different positions on the parchment behind the one she was currently using. When she flickered the images back and forth, the bird seemed to dance and Obhantaa was delighted. She thought to further excite his content sensibilities by taking a new piece of parchment and drawing the faces of her and Obhantaa floating happily together.
       Obhantaa smiled, recognizing himself in the scrawled image, but then became distressed when he realized he had no body. He was given a form and his cat was as well drawn at his side."Khaasta," he exclaimed, pointing to the smiling cat's nose. The fabricated Obhantaa, Kai Linaa and cat were then encased in a box to give them some land to stand upon, but the contrivance was not well conceived as Obhantaa soon observed. "If we are in there for long, we will get hungry," he said with concern.
       "We can always go out of the boxes and eat something," Kai Linaa laughed.
       Obhantaa regarded the image and noted there was a significant omission to it. "Since Ethnaahi is not with us, can we have one of Gondhaahi's Ataasna?"
       Kai Linaa agreed that some cake should be had while the Den Asaan was not infiltrating the portrait and she drew a sizable treat, complete with icing and lit candles.
       Obhantaa was excited to eat the cake but was hesitant when there was fire impeding him."Why are there many small fires on the cake?" the giant asked.
       "It's a birthday cake," Kai Linaa explained. "You're meant to blow out the candles and make a wish. If you believe really hard, the wish will come true."
       Obhantaa swiftly blew onto the paper in hopes of snuffing out the candles before the wax was to drip into the cake but when he blew with all his might, the candle remained lit. "You must erase them, Mizoahi," he whispered to Kai Linaa.
       She complied with his desire and both of them shouted in exultation. They continued their game of melding the world with their own sort of make-believe and while they were rapt in their occupation, Unghaahi came into the kitchen. He was looking for Obhantaa Leraa so that they may continue their Hophsaas practice for the afternoon, but when he saw how engrossed and satisfied he was sitting with his amiable mate, Unghaahi decided the benefit he would receive from Kai Linaa's obliging manner and pleasing character was just as advantageous as a full day of training. He left them to their imaginations and remarked how well they looked sitting at each other's side just as a brother and sister ought to have done.



    OMG this was SO SO SO cute and sweet AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :D Leraa is SO SWEET and I'm so touched with how he likes Kai Linaa, and how they alwayshave fun when together XD XD awwwwwwwwww I loved it so much that he went to see her and he wanted to stay - it was so nice of him ^_______^ ahahahahaha and their game WAS SO CUTE I LOVED IT I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME :D AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW hahahahahahah Kai Linaa Leraa and Khaasta in boxes hahahahahahahaROFL and blowing out the candles was so cute ^____^ Den Asaan infiltraiting the portrait killed me BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL although- if he would smell that cake- I am sure he would be able to do it somehow ROFL
    Obhantaa swiftly blew onto the paper in hopes of snuffing out the candles before the wax was to drip into the cake but when he blew with all his might, the candle remained lit. "You must erase them, Mizoahi," he whispered to Kai Linaa. This was such a sweet moment , Leraa is really the cutest creature on Earth, and his way of seeing the world around him is THE CUTEST THING EVER and always gets me in such a good mood XD It's really an honour to have such a friend ^^
    And brother ^________^
    He left them to their imaginations and remarked how well they looked sitting at each other's side just as a brother and sister ought to have done. This line killed me totally, as soon as I read brother and sister I felt tears in my eyes ^^ You know why *///* It's just such an amazing feeling to be so accepted by such a wonderful person as Leraa, it's an honour and it's a joy, and it's so touching to know that someone (thank You Unghaahi ^^) had such thought while looking at us ^^^^
    It's amazing to think that Kai Linaa is his sister and Anonnaa, it feels like family ^_________^


  2. Sweet, the sweetest residents of Diras Castle.


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