The Hakriyaa

A few ask me about the Hakiyraa, the leader of the Haanta armies. Here is his first appreaance in the Brothers of Sanhedhran.

The Hakriyaa
                The Hakriyaa, during his duties of surveying those chosen for the Mivaala of Amghari, spied one of the temple assistants. She was leaning over to collect some of the herbs in the garden. The softness of her grey skin, the ripeness of her breasts and the width of her hips recommended her to be in the bloom of her adulthood and the Hakriyaa would have her as a partner for Khopra. He had not preformed the sacred ritual in some time. His duties at the sanctum, his inspection of the shore, his own conditioning and training, his presence on Mharvholan had exempted him and any Amghari with the rank of Den from performing the practice. There were few who caught his particular attentions, but the fineness of a leaning woman with long white hair, stunning figure and striking features had convinced him to donate a moment of his time to the custom.
                She could be under no mistake as to who he was when he approached her. His oppressive presence was felt at every ceremony, his markings and stature distinguished him as the leader of the armies, and his dense muscles and fierce aspect were unquestionable. He came toward her and though she bowed with a forthcoming smile, he did not. He stood tall, imprinting his impressive form for her to remark, he turned to the side and allowed her to judge his size, he flexed for her to display the result of his exertions, and he waited for only a positive response. She said a few kind words but they were all disregarded until acquiescence was given. This was the extent of his civility and what kindness this exhibition may have been in asking was to be gone when she was brought to him in the hallowed room.
                He said nothing to her as she was conveyed in her sweet perfumes and silken wrap. His hawk-like eyes inspected her curves as he stalked his prey, judging where first to strike. He needed little provocation or incitement, he would show her why he was known as a dominating leader of the armies and she would spread word of it to all her sisters so that they may marvel at his prowess and supposed magnificence. He was a beast to behold. He lifted his chin and with a complacent and condescending curve of his lips, he tore aside his kilt to display his endowments. They were average for a male of his size but he paraded toward her as though there were none comparable. He would show her how well he bestowed his gifts to the women he chose and he did not wait for her to undress. He reached forward and grabbed her wrists, holding them together behind her back. He sucked the flesh of her nape, tasting her divinity to rouse his hunger. He twisted her arms and forced her to lean forward. She had little idea of what to expect but she had not been used to perform the act while standing in so awkward a position. Her legs were forced apart by his rounded knees and before she could breathe in preparation, he thrust himself into her. She felt tight and succulent, and the Hakriyaa was pleased. He penetrated her without regard to her comfort and she whimpered in pain for the grip he held upon her. His harsh motions and jabbing permeations proved he was inexpert at the practice but, as it was an honour to be chosen by the Hakriyaa, she believed she could bear the unpleasantness.
                She was wrong, however.
                When she did not comply or obey his desires, she was violently reproved. He bent her arms and forced her onto her knees and when she claimed she felt no pleasure from the practice, the Hakriyaa declared that her pleasure was no of consequence. The result of the act was the significance and the honour she would incur from obliging him should be enough to sate her. It was not, and when she was about to call out for a Themari's assistance, she was stopped by a hand gripping around her throat. He accused her of demeaning him, of shaming him in the highest manner. To be humiliated during their venerated act was reprehensible and where some kindness and word of assurance would have done for her, he did not supply them. He only leered at her, silenced her, and compelled her to do as he bid.
                 She attempted to escape from him but her Jhidhosha was torn from her and wrapped about her to hold her down. The more she struggled, the more he enjoyed her, watching his prey writhe beneath him as his delectation and delight. He rived her upon him and when he reached his advent, he gave half his contribution in blessing of fulfilling his role to her and contributed the other half into her mouth while asking her to speak of his glory to her sisters. She swallowed was she was given only to reply that she certainly would and leapt from his grasp, holding her torn garments about her shoulders and hurrying toward the Themari to tell the priest of what had passed.  
                Word of the Hakriyaa's cruelty spread and no woman on the islands of repute wished to be within a few steps of him, and though they understood he had little to do with the collective, they worried for the Amghari under his command. His ruthless nature and hardhearted character would not be borne in the Mhasdhitsaa and the women were certain to repel any further invitation he could accord. They gave him the name Tsninonaahi, He who is Violent, and they turned their backs, leaving him to command his armies and think himself the most celebrated creature on the islands.


  1. I hated him before already - for obvious reasons, but this made me feel disgusted with him even more, I do not tolerate such stupid cruel and selfish behavior no matter who the person is, and what I read only proved to me that his final punishment for everything he will do will be more than accurate.
    Hakriyaa ebhasit bhakhedan :P


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