Story for the day: Like Utaa

Just a moment between the commander, Rautu and Soledhan.

Rautu will not watch your children
Like Utaa

                The following morning was Gods’ Day and the commander had requested to spend the chief of the day with Solhedhan. His Themari close by for carrying when little feet where tired and for a partner to laugh at Rautu’s disapproval of the event. As Haanta had no notion of days off or the smallest idea of visiting one’s children once they had been handed to the temple, the Den Asaan felt the entire day would be a travesty but there was little to be done for his disapprobation. Soledhan would come, he would pounce on them at the most inopportune time and he would demand attention when Rautu did not wish to pay it. He groaned all night on the subject and told his mate this would be the last time he would allow such an abnormal reunion while persuading her with a few convincing thrusts between her thighs and though she was inclined to disagree, she could hardly do so while the beast was atop her.
                When the sun rose, Rautu made certain to be in the main room of the commons performing his morning Haakhas before the fire to keep out of Soledhan’s path when he would come dashing into the chamber. A few moments later brought all the Den Asaan’s predictions of stridency upon the peace of their residence. The door to the commons was thrown open and Solhedhan tore through the room, leaping into the bedchamber with all possible alacrity. The Themari entered behind him and bowed toward the Den Asaan while apologizing for the child’s excited conduct.
                The commander as well was awake and sitting in the bed waiting for her son to make his imminent arrival. She laughed to see him jump into the bed with his arms open wide. He gave her a flurry of kisses and then proceeded to jump on the bed until his breath caught him. He stopped, attempted to laugh but after a few moments of struggling succumbed to the comfort the down bed afforded him. The commander smiled at his exasperated sighs and greeted the Themari with a nod as he and Rautu entered the room.
                Soledhan’s cat had been sitting on the far corner of the bed and even with all the animated movement had not cared to move and could not be bothered to look in the child’s direction. Soledhan cooed at her and crawled over to pet her, but instead lay his head down upon her back and curled beside her. The cat purred, closed its green eyes and allowed the child to use her as a cushion for his head.   
                “Are you tired, my love?” the commander asked, leaning to rub her child’s small back.
                “Haa, Iimaa,” Soledhan sighed.
                “Haa?” she repeated with a tone of misgiving. “I daresay if you want be an Amghari like your father, you must learn to do without sleep.”
                The notion of rest made Soledhan recall the few nights he had spent in the commons and he was compelled to remember the many dreadful and sonorous sounds of the Den Asaan far too comfortable. He began to mimic his father’s dry snores. “Like Utaa,” he said, and then continued with his loud respirations.
                The commander looked to her mate to gauge his view on their son’s imitation and she howled with laughter at his scowling countenance. He was less pleased with her snickers than he was with Soledhan’s display but her mirth was only made worse when Rautu looked to the Themari for support and found him laughing behind a raised hand. 
                “I do not snore,” Rautu growled.
                “Yes, I daresay you do,” the commander affirmed.  
                The Den Asaan folded his arms across his chest and with a harrumph left the room.
                “Well, I believe that’s the earliest you have ever made Utaa say humph,” the commander said smilingly. “Come, my love. It’s time to start the day.”
                “But khaasta is comfortable,” Soledhan moaned.
                “I know. You can use khaasta as a pillow later. There is much to be done today.”
                Soledhan complied and said his goodbyes to his cat as the commander and the Themari ushered him out of the bedchamber.
                The commander readied herself for their walk through the capital and knelt to adjust Soledhan’s kansa when child’s sudden beseeching look impeded her.
                “Iimaa?” Soledhan said, remarking the commander with a confounded expression.
                “Yes, my love.”
                “Themari says Mivaari sometimes look like their Ambesari. I do not look like you.”
                “No, I think you look very much like Utaa.” The commander looked up at her mate and fleered to see Rautu staring at the child with a tapered glare. “Those round cheeks of yours were mine when I was young, however,” she said, pinching his little face dotingly until he smiled. “I believe you borrowed your smiles from you father, as he is the reigning champion of glee.”
                The Den Asaan glowered at his mate and then at his son for succumbing to a fit of giggles at his expense.
                “Come, now. Say tagmhaanas to Utaa and we will visit the chocolate shoppe to spite him,” the commander said.
                Soledhan took to his tradition of stomping his foot and thrusting a finger upward to Rautu’s stolid expression. The giant responded with the same and the two pointed and stared at one another until the child was ruined with laughter. He hopped out of the room, followed by the Themari, and the commander closed the door behind her, promising they would return with some chocolate for the Den Asaan if she felt a tribute was due to the champion of glee.


    I swear he is the cutes child in the world AWWWWWWWWW I love it when Bou calls him 'my love', it's so sweet ^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA snoring Rautu - that made me laugh so hard ROFL Like Utaa!! hahahahahahaahhaahhaha Them pointing their fingers at each other at the end was hilarious BHWHAHAHAHAHAHA like father, like son ROFL M clan


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