Story for the day: Frewyn Infiltration

Here is a tiny section from book 10.

Rautu will not share his mate. Do not ask.

Frewyn Infiltration
                The Galleisian music was about to recommence but the two Frewyn farmers wished to make certain that theirs would be the tunes regaling the audience, and Galleisian propriety being what it was the musicians were forced to relinquish their right to play when the twins made such an ardent demand to display the dulcet melodies of Eirannean’s new governing nation. The two farmers were careful not who say whose music was more palatable or whose dancing appeared to be more entertaining but their proclaiming of how excellent Frewyn custom was and their wishes to confirm it made all the assertion that was necessary to the cause.
                Seats were placed for them, drinks were finished, and every Frewyn face surrounding the celebration was told to grab a partner. The name of the reels and jigs the farmers were to play were called out in succession and everyone was invited to join the Frewyn dances. No one was excluded who did not wish to be. There was no need for waiting to be asked or reserving a place with someone for a specific set. The women danced the cédhliegh dances with either men or women, married or unmarried, young or old. This sort of unruly conduct was not to be borne by many of the Galleisians. Though the music was undeniably mellifluous and enticed many to join the saltation, those who were too proud or too afraid to turn from their restrictive traditions left the garden in favour of the other things to see about the town square, but those who were young and bright-eyed, eager and willing to try the strange dance milled around the garden in wait of a Frewyn gentlemen who would be forbearing and kind enough to show them the intricate and delicate hopping movements they longed to learn. They waited with timid smiles, as it was considered uncivilized and forward for an unmarried Galleisian woman to ask for the honour of a dance. Many of the Frewyn soldiers and artisans who had come to Gallei were pleased to show them as much as their own talents would allow and though the young women knew they would be scolded later by the austere conjectures of inflexible parents, they were indomitable in their current engagement. They would try these odd and pleasant dances, they would enjoy the melodic reels, they would take the hands of Frewyn men and there was little to be done in impeding them.
                Aiden and Adaoire played slowly at first to assist the Galleisians in integrating their awkward footing with the music, but once they were well settled with learning the steps, they played at their usual quick pace. The trills and skips in the notes caused the dancing Frewyns and Galleisians caper across the garden clearing. They whooped and hurrahed with each leap and when the set had done, everyone was inclined to cheer for more. Aiden and Adaoire offered to teach the Galleisian musicians and easy reel and few were pleased to be learning something new but most preferred to listen and absorb the musical tones.
                After a few sets, the two farmers claimed they were entirely too sober to play for the next few dances and left the remainder of the celebration to the Galleisian musicians to ruin the air they created as they would. When Aiden and Adaoire walked back to their party, however, they were approached by a flock of timorous young Galleisian women who made polite entreaties for them to continue. The twins looked at one another with wily looks and made comments to the women that if they wished for more of their music they would have to be fiddled with first. The women looked about bemused by what was said. They murmured to one another, attempting to decipher the meaning the farmers’ coarse speech. Aiden and Adaoire raised their brows for their sense of humour and forwardness being lost on the Galleisian women. They realized their tactics to bait and catch would require more blatancy, but when the farmers of tall stature and substantial build drew near to the women, the tremulous creatures flocked away fearing their untoward manners. The farmers laughed, claimed that these women were used to men who fancied themselves as delicate as women, and moved toward their party who were highly amused at their failed attempted to draw a few birds to their nest.         
                “Aye, these Galleisian girls are gaggin’ for it,” Adaoire decreed in a keen tone. “I’d like to give that one a ride.” He pointed to one of the women in the front row of the flock and gave her a wink of wicked enthusiasm.  
                “Don’t you be shy, girls,” Aiden said with open arms. “We know you got myths here about Frewyn men bein’ big and all. Sure, we’ll prove it to you.”
                The women were horrified at the twins’ brazen offers and though few may have wanted to approach out of curiosity to see if the old myth of the Frewyn male being the largest in the western continent, none would dare to leave their safe haven. They backed away and were resigned to keep a fair distance until the music they so enjoyed would resume.
                “I think you’ll have to be a bit more gallant with them if you’d like to have any semblance of the success you share with their Frewyn counterparts,” the commander laughed.
                “Naw, girl,” Adaoire scoffed, dismissing her claims with a toss of his hand. “They just need a hard man to soften ‘em up.”
                Connors blushed and turned his face aside while Dobhin howled in laughter. The High Lord raised his glass to the farmers and drank to their efforts. The farmers cheered in reply and Aiden made a remark about his lack of a small finger on his right hand being mistaken for a representation of his size.
                “I’m certain your decidedly more interesting accessories will more than make up for the lack of your small finger,” the commander said, shaking her head.  
                “Aye, a few thrusts of what we got to give ‘em will turn their legs open,” Aiden vehemently professed.
                Dobhin had done. He was so beset with laughter he could barely speak without surrendering to his depraved sense of mirth. He was compelled to place his glass down on a passing trey and finish his cackling before turning to the commander and placing his hand on her shoulder to say, “You must allow me to take them to court. Please. I cannot abide another session without them.”
                “Their visit would make for the shortest proceeding Diras Castle has ever seen,” the commander said in thoughtful consideration. “If they succeed in gaining one of these creatures for their barn, I shall allow you to take them.”
                Although Dobhin was certain one of the farmers would succeed, his certainties were unfounded. The two uncouth farmers drank and played but none of the Galleisian women would near them. They saw them as boorish objects to be left for the more willful Frewyn women to have. Even after their lively playing ceased when the second round of Church service was called before the main feast, the women would only gaze and hope they would find a Galleisian man of more prudent character to be as eager to claim them as the twins. The Galleisians filed into the Church, leaving the small Frewyn party to continue along on their patrol through the town.
                “There goes our afternoon,” Aiden said disappointedly, waving to the mass of women.
                “We’ll just have to settle for lookin’ at yours girl,” Adaoire said to the commander while winking at the Den Asaan.
                The commander looked down at herself and judged her large endowments. “There is enough to go around. However, I think my mate and your brother would not approve of such a pursuit.”
                The twins laughed, as they knew they must under the Den Asaan aggressive stares, and declared how sad they were at not being permitted to share while the giant reminded them of whose mate the commander was. They insisted that looking was not touching but Rautu knowing these tactics from Otenohi persisted that looking and touching themselves while doing so was also forbidden by him. Dobhin relished their conversation while Connors flushed in embarrassment and said nothing. He only pointed toward a tavern that promised Frewyn fare and sighed as he thought of Nerri back at the kingdom’s capital.


  1. YAAAAAY I LOVE their music, I just LOVE it :D:D Aiden and Adaoire play the most beautiful and amazing music ever, I just can't imagine who could even resist such an amazing and joyful and wonderful music, I could listen to them playing (and singing lol) for hours :D:D
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA well, it's not gonna be that easy this time, with Gallesian women they would have to try reaaaaly hard ROFL it's not them, it's just that Gallesian women have bad taste I think LOL
    LOL I think Dobhin is officially in love with the twins ROFL he would take them everywhere with him if he could LOL
    LOL aww, Bou is definitely an example of a woman every woman would want to be - every man wants her ^^
    I loved it how Connors missed Nerri at the end *love* aww


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