Tyferrim : Frewyn's countryside

Since I'm working on a big story arc that will span across books 6 - 10, I won't be posting much for the weekend. However, here is a short description of Tyferrim to welcome Friday. 

"The small party had reached the stone-hedged borders of Tyferrim by evening. The renewed warmth of the coming spring winds rippled over the downs and though they had been gone from the kingdom’s countryside for only a month, the season’s change had already begun to affect the hues of the surrounding prospects. The lush verdancy of the short grass between the crop fields renewed and Tyferrim radiated with brilliance in the light of the gloaming hours. They gloried in the vast skies of Frewyn’s country and were only too pleased to delay their coming to their destination if but to absorb the fine winds rolling along the plains."    ~Book 7 of the Haanta Series           


  1. I am totally in love with Tyferrim *love* ^__________^


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