Unghaahi's views on marriage

Just a tiny piece from book 10. 

The Den Amhadhri was given relief by the presence of his small mate and he fondly passed his immense fingers through her rose-grey hair, remarking his object with all the fondness his affectionate heart could accord. He considered himself fortunate he was able to find reverence from such a doting woman and where he had thought his situation hopeless she had given him rejuvenation. He was expectant that such would be the case for every man who was desirous of being well settled but the more he learned of the confounding mainland ideals, the more he understood his affluence and abundance in adoration and devotion. He only asked for sentiments to be returned and though it seemed that many on the mainland were engrossed with the notions of obtaining affection, he must observe that there were few who received it as much as they merited. He owed Frewyn blessed with many such unions but the principal item of this marriage he felt was not consciously conceived. There could be no justification for a bond without love and he considered his mate’s words, doing his utmost to stifle his sensibilities on the subject. He must remain silent where he would normally remonstrate. He was the king’s emissary and therefore must go if not to represent his people on the side of the king than to guard his brother against eating more than what was good for him.


  1. AWWWW Unghaahi *LOVE* he has such a sentiment for love in relationship, and I agree with him totally, marriage without love is just agaist the principles of such union, there just HAS to be love, or otherwise such marriage is pointless and cruel... but it is true that mainland is so different from Sanhedhran, and beautiful ideals often does not matter comparing with money :(
    reading first lines ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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