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Aunt Milis Maremeadow’s Bread and Butter Pudding

Maith Ailineighdaeth one and all! I have been injured and have not been able to finish much of the work I wanted to in the last month, but to give you something by way of Frewyn holiday gift, the Charms and Rituals of Frewyn will be free for the week and below is Aunt Milis' recipe for Maremeadow's famous bread and butter pudding. Enjoy! Aunt Milis Maremeadow’s Bread and Butter Pudding : Baronous Hodge on bread pudding : “There is an odd thing about bread pudding. We all like it—we must, really, because two of the main ingredients are things which we all must like—but it is a strange thing using a savoury for a sweet. In Frewyn, this practice is not done often, and while bread may be made sweet and used as a substitute on a table with little in the way of dessert to dress it, to see anything with raisins and yeast in the same recipe in Frewyn is a rarity. And perhaps, it should stay that way. Frewyn understands that dried fruit in general ought to be used sparingly, and n

Story for the Day: Maremeadow Farm

 Part of the newest book, coming to you on our Patreon page at the end of the month: Maremeadow Farm was reckoned the safest place for rearing horses, completely closed off from wolves and thieves, the accoutrements around the farm fashioned in Eithne’s image, and iron iteration of her hooves marking the lintel of every door, her features surveying the extensive grounds, the long braids of sweetgrass attached to the charm bearing her likeness carried in pockets and hung over pens. There was a longstanding dispute as to whether there was magic in Frewyn, the local population claiming that miraculous circumstances were merely the work of the Gods, and the foreign population declaring that anyone who could heal wounds by touching them and tame horses by speaking to them must be charmed by some power at least. Magic often happened in Frewyn, though Frewyn hardly noticed, their hands always busy with business, with farming and crafting work taking up much of their time. Their clerics heal

Martje's Pumpkin Cheese Pie for Harvest

Mean Fhomhair is around the corner, and that means it is time for pumpkin pie. Baronous Hodge on the use of pumpkins in Frewyn : Gourds are a curiosity on the southern content. They cannot grow well in Gallei due to the inclement weather and the unpardonable soil, and while they grow very well in Frewyn, Frewyns seem rather indifferent to them. Some of the winter varieties are used in soups, but as a supplement to carrot, which I find almost too bad, and the chosen few do make their way into pies and biscuits during the late harvest, but Frewyns are little enchanted with what Marridonians term a staple fruit. Marridon admires the melon and squash, lauding the various species for their own virtues and cultivating their seeds and fragrances for their own rewards, but above all the other dismissed fruit of the vine sits the pumpkin, charming the farmsteads and ornamented the steps of every country house. Frewyn grows them in several varieties, preferring to leave all those with little f