Awake: an Unghaahi and Kai Linaa moment

"Happy Time" by Twisk
                Kai Linaa had awoken from her state of rest to hear the sounds of her returning mate. His thunderous footfalls echoed across the room until they reached the corner of their bed. Kai Linaa could hear the sounds no more and she smiled to perceive what would be next. There was everything she predicted: a creeping into the bed, a prowling beneath the covers, a feeling of her mate's warmth. There was everything to recommend Unghaahi's presence beside her. She had meant to turn and greet him but his sudden wrapping about her would not allow it. His arms engaged themselves heavily around her small frame, trapping her in a pleasurable hold. She heard the sound of an inhale behind her and the small rose-grey hairs on the back of her slender neck stood.
                He was near, he was there, he was upon her and she did not wish to move for all the world. With a slight turn of the head and a sideways glance, she caught the vision of his smiling eyes. His pale violet eyes glittered with a delicate partiality for her and the sound of his rumbling simpers caused her to hum for his returning touch.
                "Ghaala Kai Linaa," he whispered, pressing his lips close to her ear.
                His proud nose buried between her growing locks and inhaled all the tenderness she exuded. His enormous hand slipped in between her arms and he pressed against her chest, pulling her tightly toward him. She curled beneath his encasing limbs and she was persuaded to return to sleep under the aegis of such a creature. 


    *dreamy eyes* SO SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Such a beautiful and tender scene OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I want to fall asleep like this today ^________________________________^

  2. Oh so beautiful way to wake up and fall back to sleep.


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