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Story for the day: Surprise Package

Leraa Rainbow: The Vhisthoha

For those who didn't get to read this story, I'll reprint it here since a very special picture came to me today:

Letters to Unghaahi: The Lesson of the Rainbow

There was a summons that had come to the temple in the outpost as the party was leaving the pier. Everyone was giving Obhantaa their profoundest consolations as the ship that carried Rautu away had disappeared over the southern horizon and though the white giant was aggrieved that he was meant to be deprived of his brother's presence for a time, it was Otenohi who felt more saddened by Rautu's absence than any other. In planning his small deceptions for his brother, he had felt himself again and to have Obhantaa by his side and Unghaahi to scold him, it had felt ever as it should have been if only they were on the islands. The summons that came for them, however, caused some further distress for the inquisitor as it was a message tendered to himself and Unghaahi. The message was given to Ghodhina by …

The Birthday Parade

A special extra story to commemorate Twisk's birthday:

A very special birthday wish to a very special Anonnaa

The Haanta don't believe in the concept of birthdays but those in Frewyn do. Twisk, the artist for the Haanta series, is one of my Anonnaa and today happens to be her birthday. As such, I have goaded Rautu into wishing her many returns of the day. It took much birthday cake to convince him but his wish is sincere.

The happiest of birthdays to Twisk. May there be a cottage, much Khopra and many sweets in your future. Ghesturaas dan Anaalon: you Haanta family

Yesterday's Story: The First Snow

For those who has missed it yesterday:

 The First Snow

It was customary in Frewyn for the first snowfall to occur the second week of the first month in winter. This was only an approximation but the citizens of Diras capital understood it as a certainty. The first snow had always come when the skies were clouded an impenetrable white and the atmosphere was damp and glacial. Many prepared with leather boots and woolen coats, and when the second week of the winter months came, they looked up at the skies and waited. Though the skies gave all the telling signs of a snowfall, the heavy clouds did not give way to expectation. Another week passed of bundled children, woolen leggings and reinforced feet but nothing came. The young of Diras were distraught but the Den Asaan was immensely pleased.

Rautu had endured one of Frewyn's abominable winters and he believed that the forbearance of one was quite enough. His fur trappings at his back and Sindhaara on his feet had done …

Story for the day: Supper with the Cuineills

Supper with the Cuineills

The following day, after Tomas had finished the chief of his work in the smith, he went outside to take in the evening air before his vigilant mother would call for his attendance at the table. His work was slower than usual that day. While his hands were busy toiling with ores and irons, his mind was occupied with numerous questions regarding his meeting with Aghneis. It was a short convention but it was of great consequence. She had promised to visit and he was bid to accept. He stood on the front terrace of his house and his eyes were active regarding the several lanes in front of him as he stretched, searching for signs that the woman had been there without his notice. His mind began to invent scenarios in which he would meet her by chance, that he would see her in the street or on his way to visit his brother while she was coming to visit him. He convinced himself of all the minutiae of such a reunion and he smiled to think of every one ple…

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new Haanta site! I will be posting daily stories from the Haanta series.
The series began with "The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu" and has since grown into a large community of characters.

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