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New Novel: The Leaf Flute -- coming June 28th

Before the events of Damson's Distress, and indeed before Damson ever joined Captain Danaco and his crew, the men of the good ship Myrellenos had thier own adventures.

The Leaf Flute is a prequel standalone novel about Danaco, Bartleby, and Rannig, following their time spent in Sesterna, where gang bosses reign, pilfering is legal, and a Lucentian pirate king and his crew are the only decent men about. A mission to save an emissary's effects becomes a quest to dismantle the entire Sesternese underground, and by the power of Rannig's musical prowess, Danaco's cunning, and Bartleby's rants, the black markets of Sesterna have never been so disrupted nor so entertained.

Join us for the digital release of The Leaf Flute on June 28th, and for the paperback release shortly following. We will be giving away free galleys for all those readers and bloggers who would like to review the book. Send us a message on our Facebook page HERE if you would like to review the b…

Story for the Day: Mr Vostibbens, the Teahouse Cat

Every establishment has its mascot. For the Quarto Cipher, that emblem of pride is Mr Vostibbens, the cat that enjoys plaguing those who have no idea about giving him any notice. Join our Patreon page this weekend, and receive the novella about Mr Vostibbens at the end of the month.

Story for the Day: The Quarto Cipher

Marridon is well-known for its teahouses, the most famous of them all being the Quarto Cipher, the most popular teahouse in the old quarter. A favourite of both Danaco and Bartleby, the Cipher boasts a library, card rooms, game tables, a comprehensive liquor counter, and quite unfortunately a good portion of the gentry in Marridon:

Story for the Day: Adiethian Gold - Part 2

We're getting ready to send out our next novella to our patrons. If you would like to receive the novella featuring Danaco and Bartleby, join the campaign on Patreon here, and receive a new novella at the end of every month.

Story for the Day: Adiethian Gold

Adieth was the predeceasing Empire that gave rise to Marridon. It was a glorious kingdom on the Easter Continent that died out after the Great War. Many Adiethians who abandoned their god quit the continent and traveled west across the sea, and when they landed, they established Marridon, or Marradryn as it is known in Old Common, the land of the godless. They began their journey into the wonders of science and left behind all notion of magic, but the treasures they brought with them from the East endure in the houses of those who still keep to the old ways. Adiethian gold is said to have magical properties, though the scientifically inclined cannot find any proof of this. The amber tinged gold is purported to bring luck to those who keep it with them at all times. Perhaps that is why Danaco's luck never seems to run out.