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Autumn sale and Audiobooks!

Autumn and all its ensuing glory is upon us!
To celebrate my favourite season, Khantara in e-book format will be on sale today and tomorrow for only 0.99$.
Grab your digital copy here!

As well, for our Patreon campaign, we recorded an audiobook for our latest short story Player Character!
Listen to the storyhere!

As an added reward for those who are taking part in our campaign, Twisk is sending out signed prints of the Damson's Distress artwork!Support the campaign and get your own delicious print!

Story for the Day: Character Player

There are those who are happy to be depicted in games and there are those who are not. Alasdair falls in the latter category:
“Well, I’m glad to see your game is undisturbed,” said Alasdair, approaching the table. “Rautu is trundling about the keep, taking every pair of dice he can find and giving them to Khaasta to play with.”
The commander glanced over the table, perlustrating every hand, every resource, every deck. “My mate has been here,” said she, laughing. Alasdair’s gaze narrowed, and he studied the table again. “Did he take your dice?” “It’s alright, Uncle Alasdair,” said Vyrbryn. “We’re playing a game without them.” “And doing admirably at that,” said Brigdan, his eyes crinkling with smile lines. Alasdair glared at Boudicca with conscious agitation. “Please talk to him.” “Talking will do nothing, I assure you, Alasdair. He will argue with me until he’s argued himself a hole in the ground. This is primarily a farming game, and though there is an element of chance in it, he w…

Story for the Day: Mercenaries and Marinas - Part 3


Story for the Day: Mercenaries and Marinas - Part 2

While Alasdair loves playing games with his children, he loathes playing anything with dice. And there I must agree with him.

Iadmit that I’m surprised that you would play this game,” said Alasdair. “Having lived through some of the greatest sea adventures, I would have thought that something like this would be unexciting for you.”
                “It never could be that, I’m sure,”  said Danaco, with unanswerable dignity. “Everything about this game is pleasant, from the felth of the painted ships to the stories written on the captain’s cards. It is not an exact likeness to life I led during my time in glorious exile, but it is rather a close representation than not. All that going about and requisitioning— it was a life of perpetual motion, not knowing where one shall venture next, going from port to port in quest of any employment, running into pirates, hunting slave galleys, watching the sun rise over endless waters-- how I loved it of all things!” in a fond hue, and then recoverin…

Story for the Day: Mercenaries and Marinas - Part 1