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Story for the Day: A Game of Cards

Playing cards is a favourite pastime amongst nearly everyone on the Continents, and while there are many gambling halls dedicated to card games, the most fervent of matches is always played at the Diras castle keep.  An hour was gone before Alasdair realized he had been dueling with Vyrdin at cards for that long, and though he was always eager for a new card game and glad to have so many willing opponents, he knew himself, knew he was becoming besotted with a game he had just learned, and, even worse, knew his obsession was owing to Vyrdin, who, like Alasdair, gratulated in strategy games and would never leave the table until he had won at least twice, once to prove to himself master of the rules, and the second time to prove that he was better than his adversary. Like Vyrdin with his game of Ibyth earlier in the day, Alasdair would not move until he had proven to himself that he knew the game, and while Escera was a game of war, one which involved another player and therefore requir…

New #book: Baba Connridh

Baba Connridh, the new book in the Frewyn Fables series, is now available! Here is the description:

Gran Mara Connridh, known to her few friends as Baba, is Frewyn's oldest farmer.

She spends her days marching over her fields with her cat at her side, throwing stones at children, frightening her neighbours, and avoiding unwanted visitors by telling them exactly what she thinks about them when they should happen to stop by. All is prepared for the coming harvest on Baba's farm, and she has nothing more to do but sit by her hearth and disdain the world, until a visit from the gods and two wanton fey force her to leave her house and put her old powers back into practice.

Beware the grans with charms and magic knitters.

On sale on Amazon HERE

Story of the Day: Of Gods and Grandmas - Baba Connridh

Baba Connridh, the novella about Gran Mara Connridh and her magic knitters, will be out this coming Tuesday.Here is one last look at now Baba gets the gods to work miracles in her favour and peel the potatoes: 

#MothersDay Sneak Peek: New Frewyn Fables Book

Gran Mara Connridh, the book about Baba Connridh and her magical knitters, will be out in two weeks! Until that time, here is a special look at one of the later chapters and the cover art: