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Tales from Frewyn: Volume 2 Release Date!

Tales from Frewyn: Volume 2 will be out next week in digital format! The book will include many new stories, along with some reader favourites, and will feature ten of Twisk's brilliant illustrations.
Here are the two covers:

For pre-orders, and for information about the paperback version, please visit Paper Crane Books.

Story for the Day: The Importance of Tea

Marridon's economy, and indeed its civilization, was changed forever when trade with Livanon and Lucentia introduced the great nation to tea. When it was first given to Marridon, it was considered a drink for the nobility, as it was very expensive to import. Now, however, tea belongs to all classes and is the lifeblood that flows through Marridon's veins. It is unheard of that a Marridonian does not like tea, and when Sir Damson Aelhelm, knight of Marridon, admits that he has no great love affair with the drink, he is reproached accordingly. 
Tea is the drink of gentlemen, sir knight,” said the captain. “Brewing it and delighting in its aroma and its taste is a most coveted art-form  That abomination,” pointing somewhere at sea to indicate Gubbins that was, “disgraced it by nearly destroying a treasure associated with that art. You might not consider a porcelain pot as precious, but tea brewed in porcelain does not taste the same when brewed in iron or in glass. Porcelain afte…

Story for the Day: Gubbins

Richard "Dizzard" Gubbins is a magnificent coward. The legendary pirate who once sailed the Dremmwel was known for being a daring fool, and his folly brought him to the ship of Lord Danaco Divelima, which unfortunately brought about his demise as a ruffian of the seas. It was his own fault really, as he attacked Danaco's ship without provocation, and while he could have made his apologies and sailed happily on, his desire for revenge against Divelima exposed him for the palliard he was and ruined his marine empire.

The pirate Gubbins-- rather Dizzard, or the forged Swillets-- was a shortnecked, hunskit man, his face all over hisipid and birsed, his jaw low and foolish, his mouth rife with kags, his eyes downturned and drooping, his mouth agape and sagging, his chin bucculent, his head large and macrotous, his forehead wide and wrined, his stature undersized and abdominous, his shoulders withered and slumped, his limbs stout, his expression prodigiously stupid, his complex…

Happy birthday, Vyrdin!

Happy birthday to Vyrdin, Bou's commander, Alasdair's uncle, Brigdan's most intimate friend, and King Dorrin's adopted son (and Teipha's hair-chewing object).
Draeden led the party to the capital wall, where they sat amidst the crenellations and presented the cake to Vyrdin in a more official tenor.                 “All in line,” Draeden announced.                 They formed a line and saluted- even Bryeison, for good measure- and Draeden marched in front of Vyrdin and clicked his heels with grandiose step.                 “Captain,” he called out.                 Vyrdin lifted his chest and stood with his hands at his sides. “Sir!”                 “As it is your birthday, it is your duty to cut this cake and share it as you will. As your commanding officer, however, I demand to be given a larger slice than the one that Bryeison receives.” He opened the box with a grand flourish, and resuming his usual good-natured air, smiled and said a most jovial, “Happy birthday, V…

Story for the Day: Rannig, the friendly Frewyn giant

The Legendary Rannig was Brother Ciran's teacher, but before that he was a slave in Sesterna, taken from his family when he was only nine and set to work in the fields of the north. He escaped his servitude when he was put to work at the docks and was offered a ride home by Danaco, who promised to return him to his native Frewyn if he would be his boatswain for the space of a few months. Rannig fled Sesterna never to return, and became known as Danaco's right hand, galley cook, first mate, and all around excellent tea sandwich-maker. He returned to Frewyn later in life and was reunited with his family, to settle down and become a High Brother at Westren's TussNaTuillin church.

Damson watched with horror as the giant moved beyond him, his colossal arms hanging heavy at his sides, his well-muscled legs bent in a half crouch, his broad shoulders stooped as his bowed head brazed the ceiling. He thought to move back from the passing mountain, until the giant turned toward him an…

Story for the Day: Bartleby Crulge

Bartleby Crulge is one of Marridon's greatest inventors. Today, he is credited with creating various contraptions that facilitate many aspects of Marridonian life, but he wasn't always a celebrated scientist. He was laughed out of his place in the Marridon Academy when one of his inventions went awry, and was demoted to research head at the Grand Marridon Library. Feeling frustrated with his peers, he left Marridon to enjoy a life away from the pressures of the Academy. During his time away, he joined a pirate vessel and there had a chance to perfect his inventions. Here he is aboard Danaco's ship, meeting Damson for the first time:

With some effort, Damson was able to move his forearms into place at his sides and use the power in his elbows to support his torso. He sat up by slender degrees, his shoulders steady though his head hung low and wilted at his back. A few jolts of his neck swung his head round to front, his chin resting neatly on his chest. There was enough lig…