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Story for #Halloween: The Rumbling Burr

Halloween is upon us, which means NaNoWriMo is around the corner. We'll be ending the writing challenge this year by publishing the third novella in the Marridon series. Everyone who joins out Patreon campaign during the month of November will receive a free copy of the book at the end of the month. To tide everyone over, here is an excerpt from the first part of The Ship's Crew:

Story for the day: The Blue Farmhouse

War ruins all promise of decency, and when the Gallieisians invaded Frewyn during the Second War, many small villages along the Menorian Mountains were ravaged by pillaging parties, and when one such village was particularly ungrateful to Tyfferim Company for having saved them, Boudicca ends up asking herself: what is it all for? Jaicobh, as always, has an answer. An excerpt from our newest novella on Patreon. Join the campaign here for the full story:

Save A-Level #Archaeology

The AQA Exam Board have decided to remove Archaeology from the A-Levels, a most untoward and foolish decision.

A certain professor emeritus would like a word:

To the AQA Exam Board:

I have just been told the most hideous news, and by this letter, I am hoping that someone in your organization can make this business intelligible to me. I have been told that your little collection of
directors has decided to remove archaeology from the A-Levels. If I have heard rightly, and I suppose I have, because everybody seems to be undermining education these days, you can be very sure I will refute this nonsense, and I will not yield nor will I bend to the officious and nothing-meaning excuses of budget cuts or needing to make way for what your set deem to be more lucrative subjects until this decision be reversed. What can you mean by removing archaeology from the A-Levels? A student does not get into archaeology because he wants to learn how to make money-- that is what the law is for-- he gets int…

Happy #NationalComingOutDay: The Two Carpenters