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Story for the Day: A Woman's Independence

Parenting and the ills of childbirth, while noble professions, are imprisoning in themselves. It is one thing to want a house brimming with many children, and it is another thing entirely to find a means of caring for them. Even the greatest mothers and fathers are set beyond their strength when they must be up at all hours to read stories and woo to sleep, to tend the general caresses of cuts and scrapes, to dry the tears and discipline the overly avid. Two children is enough for the King of Frewyn, as anymore would force the Queen out of her independence and into the strain of motherhood:

Story for the Day: Rauleigh's Reflections on the Royal Wedding

Royal weddings, obligations aside, are best enjoyed from afar, with paper lounging in lap and tea in hand. For Sir Pastaddams, Frewyn's royal tailor, Marridon's choice of fashions are a sport, one to be critiqued and curtailed at any cost, for though Frewyn is never considered the height of fashion on the continents, their tailors know the line between the radiant and ridiculous.

Story for the Day: Galan Mai - Spring Pleasures

Spring is finally come to Frewyn. and with the late budding season comes a whole host of terrors, like the threat of a late harvest and the resurgence of Alasdair's friends the clothing moths: