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Story for the Day: The Marridon Grains Company Pt 2

Rautu entered the kitchen and stopped as he passed the threshold, disturbed by his brother's grieved aspect and by the room's fulmination of silence. A glance at the box in his brother's hand made him acquainted with the whole, and the concurrent glare he shared with Unghaahi betrayed the giants' unspoken feelings.
"I am prepared, brother," said Rautu.
A protracted exhale escaped from Unghaahi, whether from disappointment ordistress no one would distinguish, and with spirits revived, he declared "We must go to Marridon," and without another word, the giants hastened out of the kitchen. leaving everyone to cherish uneasy feelings and to pity those who would prize availing someone's person without permission.
A few hours saw Unghaahi and Rautu in the ports of Marridon, and after a few questions were asked and answers given, they made their way to the headquarters of the Marridon Grains Company near the border of Bannantyne. The brontide of their arri…

Story for the Day: The Marridon Grains Company Pt 1

Twisk was doing groceries when she discovered a breakfast cereal with a very familiar face on the box. She sent me a picture of it and I could not believe it: it looked as though Unghaahi's likeness was being used to sell a sugary children's cereal. I thought this deserved a story:

Marridon, forever known for its tooth-decaying confections, saw an increase in health consciousness over the long winter. Many were afraid that the inactivity which the snow had incited would mean the letting out of their dresses and the loosening of their taut bodices. Cakes and biscuits were banned from dinners, vegetables and fruits reigned, and upon the whole Marridon in the long winter became a healthier kingdom than it ever had been before. To accommodate, however, for the sugar beet crop's being leftover and unused, the Marridon Grains Company thought it advisable to purchase the sugar beets and try by way of doing something to make use of them, for they were after all a vegetable and coul…

Story for the Day: How to Repel Women Pt 2

The girls made their obeisances  and smiling, looked at Draeden, but Draeden could do nothing beyond blink and whimper in dread. “Say good evening, Draeden,” was Bryeison’s gentle reminder. “Good evening, Her Ladies,” Draeden muttered. The girls flushed and laughed at being greeted with such stately formality and recollected themselves, remembering that while Draeden had condescended to be in the forces, by title he was still a prince. They curtsied low, exposing their ample endowments even more than they already were, and though they said their goodevenings with as much elegance as their limited educations would allow, there was something in their convenience that roused Draeden from his reverie.    Once the confusion of first convergence was over and the salutations gone through, Draeden was better able to study them,  and a upon a momentary inspection made in full consciousness, he reckoned that they were not so exquisite had he had previously conceived. Enhancing dresses and civil co…

Story for the Day: How to Repel Women

Draeden always has a bit of a fit when any woman shows him attention. He will often go to great lengths merely to avoid meeting them, as once he is faced with a fine lady, his brain functions cease and all motion or thought becomes impossible.
As neither Suilli nor his generous awns would be joining them for the evening, Draeden was forced to contrive something else that would render the two women obliged to abandon their meeting. His mind was rapidly working as they left the barracks and went to the mess, their regiments quieting and saluting as they passed, mistaking Draeden’s brooding aspect for seething indignation, turning away to conjecture amongst themselves as to what had disturbed their commanding officer enough to make him appear so uncommonly dour.                 “You should think about Suilli’s moustache more often,” said Bryeison, his lips pursing in a small smile. He turned back momentarily to gauge the furtive gestures and faces of their subordinates, and continuing into…

Story for the Day: The Stracht

Stracht is the Old Frewyn word for moustache, but it means more than just that. The word implies facial hair of any stamp which has been carefully cultivated and tended to over a long period of time. Suilli adores his moustache because it has kept him company during the long winter nights, has been a friend to him throughout many a ponderation, and has seen many a war without ever having been marred. Excellent facial hair is also a sign of manliness in the west, as Suilli is so generous to remind Draeden:
Suilli recounted and revered, and Draeden and Bryeison listened, each of them cherishing the resolution of Suilli’s returning home ere long, if not forever than for a small feriation; Westren, beloved as she was to him, might have been forever in his conscience, but there was a something in his subdued temper that betrayed a remorse, a devotedness, a desperate longing that they could not but acknowledge. They could be under no mistake that Suilli had unrequited sentiments plaguing his…