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Story for the Day: Feiza

The crew of the Myrellenos has many assorted flavours: there are some saline scalawags, some silty scoundrels, but there are also sweet and sanguine nuts, including the agreeable but not always upstanding Feiza:

Story for the Day: The Holiday in Habherleidh -- Part 2

One of the greatest antagonists of my life had always told me never to sing in his presence. I have a tolerable singing voice upon the whole, and I have sung at places like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Centre, but had I a voice like Rannig, I should sing everywhere, merely to torture the one who so maligned my efforts. Enjoy:

Story for the Day: The Holiday in Habherleidh -- Part 1


The Haanta Series venerates Alan Rickman #RIPAlanRickman

It is an unjust and cruel world that takes the sovereign and the prince of darkness from their subjects in one week. I have been raving about all the incongruities of this horrid sufferance for the last two hours. My heart is broken, and I am unfit for anything. I have resigned myself to the business of being miserable. All of the great artists I have grown up with are dying, and I feel as though there is no happiness left in the world. This will change presently, I hope, but for now, I cannot see joy for all the dejection crowding in front of it.

The agonies of life know no abatement. It is a disgusting trick of existence to have us surmount sorrow only to plunge us back into it. I have no words to express on the death of such a titan beyond those of selfish indignation. And it is selfish, to wish him still here with us when he had been harbouring such a vile and virulent illness, but there appears little sense in life; there is only the consternation and constant agitation of wond…

The Haanta Series venerates David Bowie

Hail the Goblin King!

The very first time I ever saw David Bowie was when I saw the Labyrinth. 

Circumstances were that there was a birthday party, and an atrocious one at that, but I was permitted to ease my horrors of being compelled to attend this event by watching Jareth command his minions, singing and dancing, governing them and presiding over his kingdom by the power of his exquisite dress and magnificent hair. The appreciation for his make-up and finely tailored breeches did not come until much later: I was only eight years old when I saw the film for the first time. As I watched Jareth weave his melodious loom, something in my untempered consciousness roused, and I was instantly a servant of the great Goblin King. This, for some time, was how I knew David Bowie, but soon, sometime during the dregs of adolescence, I came to know his music and succumb to a veneration of a different nature.   

David Bowie is rather like Shakespeare: one gets acquainted with him without really know…

Story for the #NewYear: The Undelivered Gift - Part 2

We finally received mail today for the first time in three weeks. Perhaps Rautu had something to do with it: