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Tales from Frewyn on tour!

Tales from Frewyn is now on tour!Published May 2011 by Red Willow Books
Price: 99cents
The Haanta Series is the longest, ongoing, online romantic fantasy series. Thousands of readers visit the world of the Two Continents to enjoy the daily short stories featuring all their favorite characters from the Haanta Series novels. In between the business of the books, the commander, Rautu, Otenohi, Unghaahi, Leraa, Kai Linaa and Alasdair enjoy some time together in Diras Castle, but as the stories portray, mischief lies in every corner of the keep where spiders, chocolate pies, petulant giants and grouchy cooks abound.

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8/3 – interview @ Sugarbeat’s Books
8/3 – excerpt @ A Chick Who Reads
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8/5 – excerpt @ Aobibliosphere
8/6 – guest post & giveaway @ Getting Naughty Between The Stacks
More dates will be ad…

Story for the Day: Lochan Donnegal


Story for the Day: Sheamas' Birthday

Sheamas’ Birthday                 Sheamas, much in the style of his father, was accustomed to having birthdays without the object of celebrating them. Though he could not be called old enough to regard the observance as a trite formality, he was sagacious enough to understand that birthdays brought undue celebration. Gifts would be forced upon him, drinks would be shared in his honour -especially where Aiden and Adaoire were concerned, a family party would be demanded, and upon the whole the celebrating of his birthday would be an insalubrious affair, one he was certain to like but one he could not condone; work would have to be missed, businesses would  need to be closed, and Sheamas felt it best to remain silent when the particular day arrived to save everyone the trouble of exertion. There were always a few nagging assertions from his mother, demanding that she be allowed to celebrate it by making him a supper and procuring a present, but his brothers knew better than to overthrow …

Story of the Day: An Ailineighdaeth Story


Story for the Day: The F Word


Story of the Day: Pirates

Someone suggested that Alasdair should be a pirate. Ha.