The Two Continents

Technically, there are three continents, but the western continent is divided into two immense landmasses. Those in the west consider it one continent and those in the east consider it two.

Southern Continent: 

Frewyn (Fre-mhin) - the Children of the Gods:

Giants. Kings. And chocolate.
Since the time of First King Allun and the uniting of all the ancient clans, Frewyn has become the standard of perfection for the Two Continents, conquering its enemies and garnering its allies with its music, its dance, its warmheartedness, its jovial people, and its chocolate. A land where hardy farmers and stolid warriors come together, Frewyn exemplifies a romanticized Ancient Ireland, where Boudicca still lives, where kings still reign, where Gods are reborn, where heroes triumph, and where finely baked goods are rightfully glorified. As one of the most prominent nations on the Two Continents, Frewyn champions in its character, its simple joys, and its humble prosperity, making it a nation worthy of many stories, all collected and chronicled in the longstanding Haanta Series.

Frewyn was a nation of clans and Brennins, or chiefs, before they were united under First King Allun. Their Gods lived amongst their children for hundreds of years, until they began to treat one another with unkindness. The Gods left them and promises to return when their children could once again learn to be generous and kindly with one another. The disjointed clans unified their beliefs and their customs to create one immense kingdom, hoping that through their unifying and charitable actions, they would merit the return of their Gods. As a sign that the Gods approved their efforts, they appeared in the night sky as constellations and blessed First King Allun's reign. King Allun named the capital of his kingdom Diras after the father of the Gods, made the modern Frewyn calendar, established the seat of the throne in the Diras castle keep, created the Frewyn Church, awarded municipal regents, and formed a constitutional monarchy that still thrives today. Frewyn has sustained good and bad rulers alike: Clever King Welc, Mad Queen Maeve, and Good King Dorrin just to name a few that have ruled Frewyn in the past one-thousand years. Frewyn has undergone many social changes, dark periods, and two major wars since its beginnings, but its triumphs in trade, its early alliance with Marridon and Lucentia, and its Golden Ages under Brave King Breian and Good King Dorrin have made Frewyn one of the premiere places on the Two Continents. Frewyn's current ruler is Good King Alasdair Braeghan Brennin I. Next in line for the throne is Dorrin Draedan Brennin II.

Witches' Wall: Though magic in Frewyn is lauded and proclaimed as "The Gift of the Gods", clerics and mages are discouraged from dabbling in the dark arts. Only white magic is taught at Metula's Haven in Barrellynn. Those who wish to learn any of the dark arts must venture to Witches' Wall, a haven of mages who have decided to abandon the Gift of the Gods and pursue other less reputable magicks. Their haven is said to be somewhere along the southern borders of Frewyn and Gallei. It has been discovered a few times in Frewyn's history, but as the mages have never been apprehended, they often abandon one location and move to another to maintain their secrecy. 

The Menorian Mountains: In ancient times, when the Gods lived amongst their children, Uscen, one of the lesser Gods, led a rebellion against Diras. His rebellion failed, and in consequence, Uscen was thrown out of Frewyn and forced to live apart from his brothers and sisters. Though Gallia, daughter of Diras, went with him for a time to comfort him and help him establish a nation of his own, Menor, son of Diras and God of Earth, raised the ground between Frewyn and Gallei, making a permanent wall of mountains that would keep Uscen from returning or harming the Gods' children.

Gallei - the Children of Gallia and Uscen: After Uscen was expelled from Frewyn, he and Gallia began their own nation. Uscen called his new home Gallei to honour the daughter of Diras for giving him many children whom he could live amongst and rule over on his own. The Galleisians worshiped and honoured both Uscen and Gallia, until Gallia returned to her father's house, leaving Uscen alone. Uscen became disconsolate and wandered into the Eastern Woods, leaving his children to govern themselves. They established a kingship, an order of Knights, regulations of chivalry, a municipal regency, and a monarchy, all dedicated to magnifying their God's Grace. Galleisians hold Frewyns and their Gods responsible for what happened to Uscen, and as such have become Frewyn's sworn adversaries, determined to conquer the Southern Continent and unify everyone under Uscen's sovereignty.

The Nnodainya: When First King Allun united the disjointed clans and Brennins of Frewyn, there was one clan that refused to join. The Nnodainya are Frewyn's oldest independent tribe and belong to no municipality. They are nomads who wander the northern border of the Tuar Forest who follow traditions and regulations outside the ordinances of the kingdom. As Frewyn's oldest clan, they are allowed their freedom as long as they keep to themselves, but as recent events have shown, after one-thousand years of freedom and isolation, their clan is finally dying out, with more and more young Nnodainya desirous of joining the united kingdom for cultural liberation from the sometimes oppressive old ways.

Northern Continent: 
Marridon - the godless
Lucentia - city of light
Balletrim - the old ones
Livanon - city of gold
Sesterna - city of sisters
Thellis - the people of the mountains
The Haanta Archipelago: Sanhedhran, Mhavhaledhran, Atkhosselhan, Muu,Vinduhu, Mizoahu, Phundonaladhran, Mhandaledhran, Jhaankha, Zhaazhenkha, Phardhova, Akaledhran, Khantara Ghaasta
The Varkne Maar: Old Lucentia
Danes Marshes
The Alumas Stronghold

Eastern Continent:
Tepeu - the settlment of Tepu
Jhiandehu - the settlement of Jhiadhi
Lough - the elven kingdom
Ferra - the island kingdom
Adieth - the fey followers
Cantara - the southern crater
Myrellenos - realm of the Fey