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The Haanta Series venerates the inimitable Gene Wilder

The horrors of the year seem ceaseless. I know death, especially for the old and ailing, is not an evil, but it must be an evil to all the rest of the world, to everyone who will look on at the passing of such an exceptional artist and be ruined by the loss.

I must love anybody who can employ the word 'swell' with such easy fluency as Gene Wilder did, and indeed, I did love him, in my own quiet way, extolling his efforts, lauding him as one who remained steadfast in the face of a changing industry, as one who saw his art and passion move in a different circle, and as one who looked at parts and films offered him in this new style and said, "Good day, sir." When asked why he had remained out of films for the better part of the last twenty years, he replied that so few films these days have any artistic merit, and that he should have valued merit over money is a quality which shows his higher character: he would rather write, he said, than act, if there was nothing ou…

Story for the Day: A Cleric's Work is Never Done

The new novella for August is available to all our patrons on Patreon. The story is primarily about Bryeison and his reckless cern, but it also details the plight of Cneighsea, the Royal Cleric, who is forever mending broken bones and forever trying to get Bryeison in for his mandatory monthly examination without any success. Pledge on Patreon HERE to get the complete novella.

New Publication Announcement: The Baracan

The Baracan, the next novella featuring Danaco, Bartleby, and Rannig, will be out in digital format September 16th. Join our public event page HERE for updates on the coming release.

The book is a direct continuation of the Leaf Flute, now available in all digital and paperback formats. We will be posting new art and excerpts from The Baracan in the coming weeks. 

New Release: The Leaf Flute paperback now available

It's here! It's finally here!
The Leaf Flute is now available in paperback! Featuring new art in full-colour, you can now read all about Danaco, Bartleby, and Rannig's adventure in high quality print. Follow the links below to purchase in your region:
U.S. Link Canada Link U.K. Link Amazon Europe Amazon Japan Enjoy and happy reading!

Story for the Day: An Airing of Grievance - Part 2

The story of Bryeison and the wanton cern who foolishly challenged his authority will be the next novella put out by the Frewyn Herald for our patrons on Patreon. Pledge HERE to receive the digital novella at the end of the month, and enjoy the small excerpt below. Poor Saunters the Cern. He has no idea what he's done.

New #Publishing Label: The Frewyn Herald

Announcing a brand new publishing label: The Frewyn Herald. While the novels will still be published with Papercane Books, our new line of novellas will be published in-house. A new digital novella will be available every month for our patrons on Patreon, and a new paperback novella will be available once a season. Our first novella under our new label is now available for purchase on Amazon. Enjoy and happy reading!