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Story for the Day: Baleigh's Books - Part 2

Damson's Distress is on its way, and the Slave Galley is almost complete! If you've enjoyed the stories, join our Patreon campaign so we can keep them going. And now, part two of Baleigh's Books, in honour of the late Babar Books:

Story for the Day: Baleigh's Books - Part 1

I am absolutely fraught with misery. This morning I learned that my local bookstore is going out of business after thirty years of serving our small community. I grieved for some time, and then did the only thing I know how: I wrote a story about it.

Story for the Day: The Honeypot Ant

Rannig, as large and as friendly as he is, has a great fear of insects. We know from previous stories of his experiences with fireflies, spiders, and clouds of gnats, but never before has he met with so formidable an opponent: