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Story for the Day: The Power of Pig Pottage

I am certainly guilty of trying various products to achieve the best youthful looks that a pottage might promise. Lucentians are the masters of creating odd cosmetics that become all the rage, but in Frewyn, rather than slather ourselves in creams and concoctions, we would rather bake the ingredients in a pie, eat it, and claim that a viable beauty regime. 

Story for the Day: Parental Humiliation

No matter how kindly or loving your parents are, they always manage to find the perfect moment to embarrass you. Even Frewyn's king is not immune to parental humiliation.

Story for the Day: The Chocolatier - Part 2

Your best customers are often your first, if you are a fortunate enough to understand excellent service and quality goods, and when you first customer is Rautu, you can be very sure that accommodation and understanding of his wants will keep you in business for life. 

Story of the Day: The Chocolatier

Never underestimate the power of a new chocolatier. I know certainly would not be able to resist such unmitigated might.