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New book and #BlackFriday #CyberMonday sales!

The holiday season has begun in earnest, and what better way to celebrate the Frewyn High Holidays than with a new book. This Ailineighdaeth (December 23rd), The Ship's Crew, the third in the Marridon novella series, will be released. The book picks up where the Baracan left off, and is the conclusion to the Leaf Flute story.

Speaking of which, beginning this Friday, the Leaf Flute will be on sale for only 0.99$.

The book will remain on sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and can be downloaded at its on-sale price on Amazon worldwide.

Already have the book? You can gift it to a friend for Giving Tuesday, or purchase it now at the on-sale price and schedule a digital gift delivery to a friend or family member for the holidays.

Happy Harvest (Thanksgiving), and happy reading!

Story for the Day: The Election -- Part 2 #Nanowrimo

We all have days-- or months, or years in some instances-- where it seems as though nothing can go right, and through no fault of our own. When this happens, there is only one thing for it: to walk about in the fresh air, lament your life, and let Harrigh the gardener make everything right again.

Story for the Day: The Election -- Part 1 #NaNoWriMo

While Frewyn is a constitutional monarchy, the crown sometimes does hold municipal elections. Erieaneann, the Frewyn territory in Gallei, recently voted to become a permanent part of the kingdom, and while the result of the election was almost unanimous, there were some who were not so enthusiastic about the result.

A message of hope from His Majesty King Alasdair

Eleventh Month, Thirteenth Day, 1010 Clans United
Diras Castle

To the people of the United States,

I very much appreciate all the letters you have sent to the keep in the last week. I have been watching the results of your election with some concern, and hearing of any discriminatory acts committed at anytime would distress me, but it does so now because of who is going to be your next leader. I confess it is disquieting to know that your country is being taken over by someone who has a history of questionable conduct-- and I say questionable with much hesitation-- but regardless of how he commands his courts or treats his subordinates, your people will rally again. It may be difficult now to see the good in all this-- I know I saw no good in my brother's ascending the throne-- but your country has had its share of terrible leaders, and you have borne their poor policies, and survived as one nation in spite of their incompetence. The two most important things you can do when a leader…

A message from His Majesty King Alasdair on #ElectionDay

A reader once asked whether King Alasdair would be President of the United States. At the time, he respectfully declined, and now that we have reached another election cycle, his answer remains the same. While he has no desire to run a second country, he does have a vested interest in the outcome of this election, because he cares about what happens to those who reach out to him. A message from Diras Castle:
Eleventh Month, Eight Day, 1010 Clans United
Diras Castle

To the Good People of the United States:

Several of you have reached out to me on the subject of your Election Day, asking whether Frewyn
could annex your Great Land, or whether I would like to be your nation's leader, and while I would put your States under the auspices of Frewyn's Crown, and I would not mind being your leader, I must honestly say that I don't know whether I would be the best person for the position. I understand Frewyn, I know how to manage the courts and listen to my people, and our two countrie…

Free copy of A Flower for Rolande for #RememberanceDay

From now until November 11th, I will be giving away A Flower for Rolande for free with any purchase of my other books in honour of Remembrance Day.
To get your free e-copy of the novella, simply purchase any other one of our books, show proof of purchase by sending a photo of your receipt on our Facebook page, and I will send you a copy of the e-book for free in the reply.