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Story for the Day: A Gentleman's Game

Machanabi is one of the oldest games in Lucentia. It was invented by the Ruvani, and once the kingdom was taken over by the Elves, the game became confined to the Old Lucentian dens and gaming parlours, where high-rollers could be screwed out of wagers and into poverty. Not many play the game outside of its home, but on the deck of the Myrellenos, a few rounds are known to be played:

In Memoriam: P.E. Bartleby Crulge on the Death of Stephen Hawking

"Esteemed ladies and gentleman of the house, or whathaveyou in this circumstance, director of the Academy, students and novitiates:

As head of sciences, the duty of announcing a passing in our community, as they call it, naturally becomes mine, though I'd rather it belong to someone else. Being a herald of death is an office no one should ever look forward to, but never mind that now. I am asked to do it, and so I will and have it over.

The greatest cosmologist, and perhaps one of the greatest scientists in our world or our universe, however far that may extend, has died. I certainly never expected him to pass on so suddenly. It is literally impossible that he should have lived forever-- being in Space-Time, the probability of living forever is against us-- but he really did seem to be immortal. He ignored his condition and got on with life, and did a better job at it than most of his or of any generation-- and yet, perhaps because of his illness, he triumphed at living, at l…

Story for the Day: The Bramble

There is always a bigger fish.
There are also always older Gods.
For however powerful the Four Sons of Diras promise to be, there is always one who reigns supreme over them, one whom Baba Connridh dotingly calls 'The Bramble'.