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New novella "The Leaf Flute" now available!

Our new novella staring Danaco, Bartleby, and Rannig, is now available! 

Before the events of Damson's Distress, and indeed before Damson ever joined Captain Danaco and his crew, the men of the good ship Myrellenos had their own adventures.

A mission to save an emissary's effects becomes a quest to dismantle the entire Sesternese underground, and by the power of Rannig's musical prowess, Danaco's cunning, and Bartleby's rants, the black markets of Sesterna will never be so disrupted nor so thoroughly entertained.

Buy The Leaf Flute in digital format at any online retailer. To purchase on Amazon, click HERE. 

Many thanks to all the readers who made this publication possible!

Story of the Day: The Lady Tabytha Ardalyddes

Many wonder what sort of lady it is-- or lord, for that matter-- that can attach Captain Danaco's heart, and while he might have many a dalliance, there is only one who has succeeded in capturing his perfect attention: The Lady Tabytha Ardalyddes, Matron of the Cipher:

Story for the Day: The Cat and the Wizard - Part 2

The digital release of The Leaf Flute is fast approaching. The art is nearly done, and all the edits have been finished. It will be available through all digital retailers, and the paperback version will shortly follow. Become a patron on our Patreon page HERE, and receive The Leaf Flute e-book free at the end of the month. And now, part two of the wizard and Mr Vostibbens:

The wizard sighed and looked sullen, and Mr Vostibbens gave his leg an affectionate rub. “Yes, I know you are still here with me,” the wizard crooned, petting the cat on the head, “but you do spend most of your time at the teahouse with Tabytha, and rightfully so. I would have you here oftener, but I own that she is the properest person to be in charge of you while Beldynn is away. She is an excellent manager and a good friend for lonely old men who have nothing else to do but pine over their sons.” He paused, and a velocity of unpleasant feelings assailed him. “He was there again today,” he grumbled. “Do not pla…

Story for the Day: The Cat and the Wizard

Mr Vostibbens, the teahouse cat, has many acquaintances, but his most pressing call is the one he makes to Haryld, one of the last wizards of Marridon:

Story for the Day: Mr Vostibbens, the Teahouse Cat - Part 2

Bartleby enjoys animals upon the whole, but as a subject to be studied and catalogued. Mr Vostibbens, the teahouse cat, is a confusing subject, however.
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