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Story for the Day: The Crumble Returns

While Count Rosse is Alasdair's greatest nemesis, he has another enemy which is far more dangerous than His Grace of Horrid Fashion ever could be: like his father Prince Draeden, Alasdair was born with an overactive appetite, but unlike his father, Alasdair was not born with the hyperactive metabolism to complement his ravening constitution. Through tremendous willpower, he is able to ignore most of the pies and desserts that Martje makes for the keep, but there is one desert that he always finds impossible to resist.  

Story of the Day: Coming Home

While coming home through Marridon's mountains for Damson is an unspeakable pleasure, for others it is an absolute tragedy:

Clouds careened across the azurine expanse, painting the sky in feathered brushstrokes, and the trees triumphed in evergreen, their canopies tinged with the blush of amber light, their bare boughs dusting the forest below with a fuscous blaze. Spruce and cypress stood together in defiance of the rambling mountains, their numbers a calamity on the cascading downs, offending the oak and elder, the white birch peeling in regret of the season, the beech and walnut bidding fond farewell to their legacy lining the ground. Smoke billowed in a wealth of curls from the chimneys of distant cabins, the scent of hickory rising from their flues, the nidor of meats and buteraceous pies wafting across the hills, which bore signs of woodsmen pollarding and coppicing the thick wood. The delicate brume of rime rising caromed off the canvas of the mountains, stumbling down ston…

Story for the Day: A Festive Retribution

While Alasdair might not be allowed to punish his grand nemesis without due cause, that doesn't stop Teague and Mureadh from punishing Rosse for him.

Story for the New Year: Count Rosse

Alasdair's grand nemesis, in all his hateful glory: