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New book "I Hate Summer" now available! #amwriting #depression #anxiety

The time to laugh at my misery is come.
As encouraged by two  friends, I have collected my daily misadventures and have placed them all in one volume.

This is a compendium about my daily battle with depression, anxiety, hot weather, and militant introversion. It is also about plumbers, spiders, loud neighbours, video games, books, and cats.

I invite everyone to laugh along with me through one of the worst years of my life, and hope that by reading about my tribulations, you will come to understand why I hate summer.

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“Always a joy. Her writing combines an educated wit with cutting insight into the human condition. My world is brighter and more interesting for having read her work.”
--Eric W. Brittain

“The most entertaining, satisfying read... The most deliciously described stories, from the trials of the postal workers to the spider minions.”
--Dina Muchnik.

“The female Larry David.”
--David Tuc…

A Woman's Place is in the Resistance: the #WomensMarch

Sethshire Cottage, 
First Month, Twenty-First Day 
1011 Clans United

To the citizenry of the Third Continent,

While my Lord and Master, Our Good King Alasdair, has already made his feelings about hope for the future known to you, I was asked to offer something by way of a statement. Carrigh of course prepared something, but considering my particular situation, having been part of a resistance myself on more than one occasion, and have defeated all those who threatened to expunge our rights as Frewyns, it was roundly asserted that I should be the one to address you. I am no speech-maker in general; I much prefer to act and talk about it later, but my saying something to you about the success of our rebellion might encourage you to keep the Flame of Moral Insurgence alive. It will go out quickly, if not continuously kindled, but you have those amongst you, a certain public official for one, whose anger spurs what oppression might extinguish. Cling to those who fight; they are always the b…

Story for the Day: Doing Science -- Part 2

Peppone is a great mystery of human composition. He is double-jointed, slightly imp-like in appearance, and can compress himself into very small spaces with almost no effort. According to Bartleby, he is semi-mycological, and considering his cell make up and fungal prowess, Bartleby might actually be right. 

Story for the Day: Doing Science

Science is the greatest export from Marridon. Whilst many other nations on the continents have their strengths and weaknesses, Marridon has all the joys and horrors of scientific discovery to call their own. When the Adiethians left Adieth and abandoned their worship of Myrellenos, they replaced religion with science and did rather well for themselves. Allied nations like Frewyn embraced natural sciences without relinquishing their Gods, but countries like Bellatrim would never dare accept the evils of knowledge into their ranks. It might lead the masses to revolution, once they become touched by the virus of education. While sciences of every denomination are embraced in Lucentia, Peppone has never seen applied science in its full bloom, and who better to show him how the thing is done than Bartleby Crulge?

A New Year, and New Books!

The beast of 2016 has at last been defeated, and though it was a vomitous year for many reasons, we did manage to provide readers with three published books, patrons with twelve novellas, and fifty free stories for all readers. Don't even ask me about the year's word count. I really could not tell you. I have been so busy with edits and re-writes that I lost my word count somewhere in October and have no inclination to recover it.
Now that the Ship's Crew is out in all formats (see HERE), what is to be done next? Two new books are already finished and awaiting publication, the first being the fourth in the Marridon novellas, and the second being an auto-biographical account of my difficulties, in which I poke fun at myself, harass wanton plumbers, make war with arachnid hordes, and despise the one thing I hate more than ripened socks: Summer. The book is slated to be released at the end of January, and even though it's not a fantasy book, I hope you will enjoy it all t…