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Story for the Day: The Device

It is widely asserted that Lucentians will do anything to maintain their youthful looks. They are not above lathering themselves in a mix of products or the use of strange devices, which Frewyns, of course, will find a more practical use for.

Story for the Day: The Beauty Merchant

Lucentians are well known across the continents for their aging habits. They tend to ripen like fine cheeses rather than mold into a dwizzened crust, but heritage is not their only secret. It is work, hard work, to keep their skin looking resplendent and ageless, as the royal party soon learns.

Story for the Day: Caumharc Na Brigid

An Caumharc Na Brigid is the story of the famous bouts of Ogham, the ancient chieftain who was desperate to gain Brigid's hand. He offered gifts to her clan, pleaded with her father, fought with her brothers and the many warriors who cherished her honour, but the climax of his trials was the fight with Aoidhe, God of Fire and Passion (amongst many other things), which he won, but not without some great extenuation.

Story for the Day: The Second Month

February, or the Second Month in Frewyn, signals the beginning of spring, and even though most of the country has snow on the ground for another two months, Westren's thaw begins around Brigid's Day, the unofficial first day of the new season. Farmers have a particular relationship with this time of year: it is the end of their holidays and the beginning of their harvest cycle, bringing it with all the agonies of lime and loam and all the joys of reaping what they sow.