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Kai Linaa and the Butterfly

A new image that Twisk is working on for the upcoming Tales from Frewyn Vol. 2!

Story for the Day: Factotum

Langliegh is sort of a factotum around the keep: he does the carpenting, the blacksmithing, the leatherworking,  among many other things, and while his work is always valued and appreciated, he still gets disgruntled when something he made breaks.

At last he came to the door of the workshoppe, and where he was expecting to find Langleigh working the bellows of his forge, he found the craftsman sitting at the bodger’s counter, hammering away at a bracing piece and grumbling something of its being the second chair in the course of a week that had broken. Never had anything, which his hand had fashioned, cracked and split so easily before. His chairs and benches, tools and weapons, all bore the reputation of being impregnable, all crafted and forged with the utmost care, every attention to detail paid, and here were two of his pieces—both of them masterfully made chairs, formed from the finest oak, turned and carved as only his hands could do—wrecked and destroyed within one week of each …

Story for the Day: Pride in One's Work

There are many who might consider housekeeping a chore, but to the king's Thegn, it's a matter of pride:
The evening work over, the maids and servants and craftsmen in the keep retired to the bothan and servants quarters, resigning themselves to a well deserved rest, and the king’s cares seen to, the dinner agreeably spent and the quiet revelry of late gloaming gone through, Searle could fuss and fidget over Aghatha’s account of a torn curtain, which was all his agitation, give the order for mending it to Pastaddams, and retrieve the soapwort in his way to the treasury. It had been a most pleasant evening and had given way to an even pleasanter night, the stars holding their reign over the blackened skies with all the ascendancy that their scintillating animation could warrant. He stopped to admire their brilliancy, his meticulous eye darting across the constellations, the Gods gracing the skies in the full bloom of evening, and Searle was gratified that another day at the kee…

Story for the Day: Afternoon Tea

Even the king needs his time alone to reflect: The end of the morning soon came: the bells from the Church purled throughout the capital, announcing the sext to all those without and bringing the riotous recess of all the children within; the markets began bustling with the reboation of midday sales, and while the court would have endured for another hence, the day was too mild and the air too agreeable to sit indoors for more than was good for the indolent minds of the Frewyn nobility. Feet grew restless, hands fidgeted and fingers twiddled, and just as the court came to a conclusion about the location for a new row of halfway houses, the herald iterated the verdict, the gavel was speedily sounded, and the whole of the court was dismissed, much to Dorrin’s happiness and relief. While he needed the votes of the gentry to conclude the case, he could ask for a little less languor, but it was so fine a day, with the warblers and rollers flitting and chirruping about, the colder climate eb…

Story for the Day: The Carib

The Draeden, or the small Frewyn Carib, is an important type of hummingbird in Frewyn lore. It is said that the God Diras quieted his first born son Frannach by having a carib sing to him. When Prince Draeden was little, he too had difficulty sleeping as an infant, and one day, whilst King Dorrin was rocking him by the window and trying to lull him to sleep, a carib came to visit and soothe Draeden into a gentle somnolence. King Dorrin took the incident as a blessing from Diras Himself, and instead of naming the prince Braeghan after his grandfather, the king called him after the particular and sacred bird. 
The copse of silver cypresses lining the outer wall were alive with chirrups and twitters of varying denominations, the peacock trees on the adjoining sward lined with birds of every distinction: sparrows and wrens hopped eagerly about, grebes and grey doves pecked the ground, pigeons cooed and strutted, green geese honked at the passing mallards, and at the bottom of the trees was…