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Story for the day: God's Day


Story for the day: Night Out

Just a fun and random moment for the party in Diras. 

The Night Out                 It was evening and everyone within the aegis of Diras Castle was occupied with various employments about the keep. Obhantaa Leraa and Kai Linaa were sitting together in the kitchen engaged with the task of introducing Elsae to khaasta, and though the large hangaara was a monstrosity in comparison to the small white cat, both seemed to be accepting each other’s company. The Den Asaan’s messenger gull sat close by observing their interaction with an unblinking eye and making a few squawks intermittently to display his want for attention. Obhantaa was happy to oblige him with gentle words of affection but the gull refused to stand too close to the party when there were two hungry cats about.                 The white cat, being the new inhabitant of the keep, was only too happy to purr at everyone and Kai Linaa, being the designated cooer and fawner of the castle, was only too happy to pay her regard to th…

Story for the day: Mureadh and Teague

Help for a local legend

Today I leaned that my very favourite store when I was a kid is in danger of closing.
 Captain Comic in Hillside, NY was my stomping ground when I was younger. Even after I moved to Canada, I still made it my object to return and buy my comics there when I could. The prices are good, the service is always awesome and anything you could want in the way of comics, statuettes and rares, this store has it. I bought my silver batman ring, which has not left my finger in 13 years, and my Harley Quinn bust there and everyone I knew who lived in the Hillside area went there.

If you live in the vicinity, do your best to visit and support Captain Comic. This store was a cornerstone in my childhood and every comic I have ever purchased there is still bagged and boarded and in my home. 

Below is how to get there:,+NY,+USA…

Story for the day: The Headdress

I had said that Leraa must have the hat of the Zulu Chief from Sesame Street and then remarked that it looked like a pineapple. This is the story that ensued.
The Headdress                 It was Gods’ Day in Frewyn and as the recruits were enjoying their one day of liberation away from the training yard of the keep, the commander took the day to run some errands for Alasdair and herself. She marched through the main hall toward the guest quarter when she observed Obhantaa Leraa just ending his morning meditations in the doorway of his room. She neared to give her cheerful hellos when she noticed the white colossus look over at something beside him. He seemed to be fondling the strange object and when she drew closer to gain a more fitting look, she smiled to see him regarding a diadem of feathers neatly tucked into the center of was resembled a whicker duster. The plumes flowered from the center, each one a different colour, their brilliancy glowing in the shafts of light pouring into …

Story for the day: Leggings

My leggings nearly fell down as I was coming home from the market today. This is what happened. 

Leggings                 A request had come from the kitchen to the commons in the early morning as the sun rose over Diras for the day. It had been frigid the night before and one of the yeomen thought it advisable to warm his chamber with some the firewood meant for the ovens in the castle kitchen. Although the gesture had no ill-intent in its conception, the effect was undesired. The warmth of a room was the price of morning bread and when Martje, the kitchen master, was asked to supply the morning meal for the entirety of the castle, she found herself without fuel for the fire. She sighed and swore numerous times on the carelessness of the young yeoman, remarking on how dare he think of his own warmth when the hunger of many was a more distressing event, and thought the woodsmen were applied to for more firewood, there was still the matter of breakfast to be resolved.                 Co…