Help for a local legend

Today I leaned that my very favourite store when I was a kid is in danger of closing.
 Captain Comic in Hillside, NY was my stomping ground when I was younger. Even after I moved to Canada, I still made it my object to return and buy my comics there when I could. The prices are good, the service is always awesome and anything you could want in the way of comics, statuettes and rares, this store has it. I bought my silver batman ring, which has not left my finger in 13 years, and my Harley Quinn bust there and everyone I knew who lived in the Hillside area went there.

Rautu supports Captain Comic. If you don't, he will snub you.
If you live in the vicinity, do your best to visit and support Captain Comic. This store was a cornerstone in my childhood and every comic I have ever purchased there is still bagged and boarded and in my home. 

Below is how to get there:,+NY,+USA&cid=5166900410598489704


  1. AW :/ I really really hope it won't be closed, You seem to have many good memories about that comic store, and it would really be a shame if such an amazing place would be shut down O_o I would go there straight away if I only could ;) Instead I will keep my fingers crossed, hoping that everything will be fine :D
    Captain Comic - I love how this shope is called :D


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