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Story for the Day: The Bad Neighbours

There are good neighbours and bad neighbours, and while bad neighbours might be decent people, their noise will make them offensive, especially when the noise is that of ten wanton children. 

Story of the Day: Menor, God of the Mountains

The mountains along Frewyn's western boarder are named after Menor, The Fourth Son of Diras. Unlike his older brothers, he is a rather diffident God, preferring to perform miracles and visit his children in secret. He quietly defies Frannach, gets on well with Borras, and brooks Aoidhe's incessant japery with all the endurance that being a youngest brother can imply. 

Story of the Day: A Godly Visit

Not everyone has the ear of the Gods. While those who follow the Word, read the Good Book every Gods' Day, and say their prayers to their patron deities might receive a hint or two in return for devotion, there are those who see the Gods more as friends than beings of worship-- or in Gran Mara Connridh's case, beings of annoyance, who exist only to plague her mind and ruin her work in the field.