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Happy #Easter: a #free novella!

Happy Easter! In Gallei, it is the holiday of Uscentis, the day that honours Uscen's return to his children, commemorated with public dances, music, and more chocolate than is legal in that country. As a thank you to our readers, we are making this month's novella free, courtesy of our supporters on Patreon.

If you enjoy the novella, join our Patreon subscription for as little as 2$, and get a new novella every month.

Story for the Day: Aging

Aging is not something I think terribly much about. It is rather a suggestion than a necessity. To some, it is only an annoyance, and to others, an outright horror.

Story for the day: The First in the Series -- Part 5


Papercrane Books Podcast - Q&A

In this month's podcast, we answer all the questions we've received in the last few months, including:  -Can Alasdair run for President?  -Who would win in a chocolate war between Bartleby and Rautu?  -How do you pronounce all the names in Frewyn? -Who would play Bartleby in a film? And many more. Listen to the Q&A session on our Patreon page HERE.

Story for the Day: The First in the Series -- Part 4

There is no greater defender of the realm than Captain Gaumhin. There is also no greater husband.

Story for the Day: The First in the Series -- Part 3

Never try to hide anything from an inquisitor; the more one tries to be furtive, the more one fails, and fails miserably.