The Ongoing Serials

Commander Boudicca MacDaede, a farmer who joined the Frewyn armed forces to avenge her father's death, joins the war effort to save her kingdom from Galleisian invaders. After the west of Frewyn is ravaged by conflict, Boudicca makes an alliance with a Haanta giant which changes the course her life and her kingdom forever. The series spans over 40 books and includes over 300 characters.

Ever wonder what heroes do on their days off? Tales from Frewyn is a series of short stories all about what everyone on the islands and in the keep do when they aren't saving the world. Tales from Frewyn consists of over 700 vignettes strung throughout various places in the Two Continents.

The Galleisian War Saga is the prequel series to the main story. It begins with the birth of Boudicca's father, and ends with Alasdair's coronation. It's a huge project, encompassing about 150 years of Frewyn history, including the Brennin family feud, the Livanon Civil War, and the altercation with Gallei that brought everyone together. This series includes all recurring characters, including Bryeison, Prince Draeden, Brigdan, Vyrdin, Rithea, Good King Dorrin, Boudicca, Alasdair, Allande, Dobhin, and many more.

A series that includes all the pieces of classical literature that exists on the Two Continents, including all the Marridon classic novels, Frewyn children's classics, religious scriptures, fairy tales and fables, plays and poems.  
 Just as we have our classics, like Pride and Prejudice and War and Peace, etc., the Two Continents have their own classic novels which everyone the continents over studies and learns. This serial includes stories from Marridon, all stories and novels that the characters of the Haanta series read that were written during Marridon's height of romantic literature, books like Lady Cybil's Civilities, The Horse and the Pawn, Verendyre, and Damson's Distress.