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Happy Children's Day

Here to celebrate children's day are all the children from the Haanta Series: (from left to right) Ouryn, Kassin, Prince Dorrin, Ennan and Fionnora, Soledhan and little Jaicobh, with adults Kai Linaa and Leraa. Celebrate Children's Day by reading with your child.Giving you child the ability to read is the best give you can afford them

From everyone on the Two Continents, Happy Children's Day

Story for the Day: Coconut


The Haanta Series is going on tour!

Courtesy of Book Lovin' Bitches, the Haanta Series is going on tour!

Here is the schedule:

7/6   interview @ Ramblings of a (Future) Librarian
7/7   giveaway @ Ramblings of a (Future) Librarian
7/9   excerpt @ Just Another Book Addict
7/10 giveaway @ Just Another Book Addict
7/11 excerpt and giveaway @ Fade Into Fantasy
7/12 interview @ Fade Into Fantasy
7/14 excerpt and giveaway @ Getting Naughty Between The Stacks
7/14 excerpt @ Sara Is Reading What?

Mark the dates and join in for giveaways!

Story for the Day: Vondeva's

Vondeva's is the most talked of place in Lucentia. Here is what it looks like:
The grand entrance of Vondeva’s at the end of the lane was soon presented them and it recommended everything that the most preferred and most exclusive culinary enterprise in the Lucentian capital should aspire to be: a long, red velvet rug lined the avenue toward the opened black marble doors, gold fringe ornamented the awning and lintel trimmings, a set of stone fountains carved with the likeness of shapely women stood at the side of each post, and decorated handmaidens with painted eyes and bejeweled fingers stood at attention in welcome of any arriving clients. The establishment had at once been  more of a slatternly inn, but once Lamir had claimed the throne and restored the wealth of the capital to its former triumph, the establishment had all the support it required to become master of the princedom’s gastronomic values.                 The pillars of amber flame from the braziers ornamenting the p…

Story for the Day: Iraiya


Story for the Day: A Return Celebration


Author spotlight on Back of the Book reviews

The Haanta Series is featured in the spotlight section for Back of the Book reviews: Here!

Thanks to Back of the Book Reviews for the feature.

Now, I continue writing.

And Tales of Frewyn, the short story collection, is now available everywhere for only 2.99.

Story for the Day: The Anniversary Cake