Story for the Day: Iraiya

There are some women who like to be subserviant. And then, there is Iraiya.

Iraiya was bade to serve them, and when each plate was graced with something and every teacup was filled, she came to Ladrei’s side and sat on her knees. She was given quiet and warm commendation for the preparations she made in their guests’ honour, was grazed beneath her chin, was cooed at by her master, was fed and kissed, and she eagerly awaited her next command.
                Kai Linaa smiled at their odd association. To her, Iraiya seemed more of a pet than a glorified guildlord’s mate. The silver collar around her neck and the mere cape of lace in which she was made to prance about was a confirmation of such an ownership, but where Kai Linaa had understood their loving bond, Unghaahi had misconstrued it. The terrified look on her mate’s face proved that he had mistaken her for a slave. Kai Linaa placed her hand on Unghaahi’s thigh to take his attention from her brother and his cosset and began offering a quiet explanation. “She tried to kill Ladrei, Unghaahi,” she whispered.
                “And so he subjugates her?” Unghaahi rejoined.   
                “She likes being owned by him like that.”
                “And this is an acceptable bond in the mainland?”
                “Many couples like that.” Kai Linaa spied her mate with an arch glint in her eye. “I wouldn’t mind if you ordered me around,” she said softly, her hand moving higher along Unghaahi’s thigh.
                Unghaahi watched her fingers slip beneath his kilt and he managed to smile. “I could not do this, Ghaala, even if you asked me. You are my honourable mate. You must stand at my side, not kneel before me.”
                “I’m so short that I don’t need to kneel for you to reward me.”
                Unghaahi blushed for the intimation and looked away with a smile when he realized that Arkastino and Nidello were privy to their conversation and passing one another winking glances as if to express the very same sentiment shared between them.
                Unghaahi must allow for the subservient treatment of Iraiya while in Ladrei’s home. He noted, however, that the more she was ordered to do about the table, the more contended she seemed, and the more tasks she completed, the more she was remunerated with words of laudation, nestlings of her neck, and gentle touches of her black curls. He observed that displayed openly beneath her transparent cape was the symbol of Ladrei’s guild but even more concerning was the word milada inked beneath it. Unghaahi had not expected to see such a term of affection on one so conquered, but when Ladrei turned to speak with her and he saw the word milado written at the base of his neck, he could be under no mistake as to Ladrei’s adoration for the woman he owed. He had purchased her life to venerate it than he did to claim it, and the more she moved about and return to his side, the more Unghaahi was witness to their distinctive affection. Words of adulation and promises of incentive were passed between them, and at last Unghaahi could be easy on the subject.


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