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Story for the Day: Mureadh and Aoidhe

Mureadh's longstanding and famous relationship with the Gods is often playfully mocked in the keep, for while there are other religious figures amongst them, like Brother Baronous, Baronet Breandan UiBrien, and Captain Gaumhin, none are so fervent, so passionate in their faith, as Mureadh-- which, of course, makes him so easy to tease, and no one loves teasing him more than the God of Japes Himself.

Baba Connridh Paperback and #E3 Interview @CJLO's @AStrongFranklin!

Baba Connridh is now out in paperback format!

The story of the one hundred and thirty year old gran who fights evil with magic knitters is available at Amazon for 10$.

As well, you can listen my interview on CJLO's Franklin Armstrong Collective, in which we talk about books, old women chasing terrible children, super hero films, and my fervent affection for E3.

You can listen to the interview HERE.


Story of the Day: Sore Loser -- Part 2

And now, Alasdair being a sore loser in real time:

Story for the Day: A Sore Loser

Prince Draeden, Alasdair's father, is hailed to be the best gamester on the Southern Continent. His winning at Ardri, Fidchell, and Brandubh is legendary, so much so that the one time he visited the Ardent Tench, he was banned for life for winning too much. He is also known for being talking incessantly without much provocation.