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Story for the Day: An Airing of Grievance - Part 1

Many who join the Frewyn Armed Forces in peaceful times believe they will have an easier time going through training, as there is no war to immediately tend to. They would be wrong, however.

Story for the Day: An Invitation of Friendship

The paperback of The Leaf Flute will be available August 8th. In the meantime, if you'd like another new novella to tide you over, join our Patreon campaign to receive the story about Brigdan and Vyrdin's budding friendship. And now, an excerpt from that novella. Enjoy:

New Book Announcement: I Hate Summer #amwriting

While the final touches are being done for the paperback of The Leaf Flute, there is another book I am currently editing, one which dictates all my animosity for the abomination that is the summer. Anyone who knows me understands that summer and I have a longstanding adversarial relationship. Summer might mean many exhilarating things for others, but summer means heinous allergies, seasonal depression, and profuse sweating for me. I often catalogue my violent hatred for the season on my personal page. Many readers seem to think my anguish is hilarious, and therefore, after much provocation, I've decided to compile my most unabashed misadventures with the wreck of a season into a book. Below is an excerpt. It will be out when this hell of a season is over.

I have just had an argument with a child, which went thus:
"But I don't want chocolate!"
Instantly, my ear caught the obnoxious sound. It belonged to a child about five years old. The kind woman at the counter wa…

A Story for #PrimeDay: The Kitchen at the Keep

Today is Prime Day, the day on which those with Amazon Prime download as many books as their devices can hold. Those with Amazon Prime can download the Leaf Flute for free today. For all our other readers, enjoy the comfort of the one place where the whole world congregates: the kitchen at the Diras castle keep: