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Story for the Day: The Ghost Crab Pt.2

Rannig continues in defense of his new friend:

Crabs don’t harm people voluntarily, Bartleby,” said Rannig. “Sometimes they pinch if people step in their holes, but they’re not mean. They’re just scavengers.”
“And yet they will eat a kitten if it means they are to live another day. It has mandibles and pincers and is a merciless predator, and yet you coddle it as though it were a guppy. The centipede that crawled behind you earlier is far less harmless than that crab.”
“What centipede?” the giant cried, instantly tremulous, looking about in a fever of terror. “Where’s the centipede? I don’t like centipedes, with their legs movin’ so fast and their mouths twitchin’ and all.”
“There is no centipede, my darling giant,” the captain softly, in a conciliating tone. “Look about you, and you will see there is none, only the trail of where it once was, and it probably scurried along much before we even sat down to tea.”
Rannig, still under the reign of his own horror, held the crab close to his c…

The House Guest digital release!

Today is the day! Grab your copy for only 99. cents!

The House Guest is the first of the Frewyn Fables:

When winter comes early to Frewyn and the first snowfall of the year traps a young mouse in her home, fate brings an old mole to her door, but is the young mouse prepared for all the challenges that catering to a fussy house guest can bring?

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Story for the Day: The Ghost Crab Pt.1

Being from Frewyn, Rannig learned at a young age to befriend wild animals, always with the object of taking them home. Bartleby, being from Marridon, grew up with exactly the opposite inclination: all animals in the wild should be left in the wild-- unless they should be captured in the interest of science. 

Story for the Day: Goose for a Gander Pt 2


Story for the Day: Goose for a Gander

Lochan has a new friend, and while everyone is disposed to be enchanted by the animals he rears, Martje is always somewhat at odds with a pet that could be placed in the pot.