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Story for the #NewYear: A Good Year: Part 1

The meaning of happiness and fulfillment differs from person to person. For Breigh, happiness is a day of good work, good food, and a pleasant evening, but for Cabhrin, happiness is not so easily defined:

Ailineighdaeth Gingerbread Showcase!

Here is this year's Frewyn life gingerbread showcase, done specially for Ailineighdaeth! Of course Martje did not make these; they would be much more professional if she had. This year, we have Lochan and Beryn on the Donnegal and MacDaede farms, with Jaicobh's signature blue farmhouse....
And over here we have Alasdair with his beloved latrine tower, with Draeden and Ghost Bryeison in the background. Poor Bryeison: death has not been as kind to him as it has been to Draeden. From everyone in Frewyn, and from everyone on the continents who celebrates, Maith Ailineighdaeth and happy holidays!

Maith Ailineighdaeth! Our Annual Holiday #giveaway!

Maith Ailineighdaeth to all our readers and friends! Today is the Frewyn day of rebirth! It's the say we honour the constellations, eat copious amounts of spiced bread, sing songs, spend time with family and friends, and exchange gifts. This year, we give you the Midwinter giveaway, featuring two books in the Haanta series, and many other books by our fellow Paper Crane Books authors. You can enter the giveaway below or follow the link HERE.

This year's holiday card from Twisk, featuring everyone from Damson's Distress

Story for the Day: Knowing Cabhrin

Every family has its grievances. There is someone in the family circle who is disagreeable, disgruntled, or simply revolting, and being forced to spend the better part of a holiday in the company of such immense delights is as uncomfortable as it is undesirable. While Cabhrin Donnegal is not disagreeable or undesirable, trying to get him to visit is like pushing a cart sideways, and while no one likes to force him into paying his respects to the family, around the holidays his absence cannot but be felt:

Story for the Day: Helping in the Kitchen -- Part 2


Story for the Day: Helping in the Kitchen -- Part 1

Tyfferim, a municipality of farmers and craftsmen, have powers of persuasion like no other subjects in the kingdom. Tyfferim guilt, a longstanding understood ability, always prevails when someone born and raised in Tyfferim is speaking to someone who wasn't, but never is Tyfferim guilt more prevalent when guests from out of town are visiting for the holidays. It is all well and good that guests should want to help their host prepare what needs to be done for the festivities, but be you king or beggar, may the Gods help you if you dare insist on helping an old farmer's wife manage her kitchen. An extra long story today, courtesy of our Patrons: