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Maith Seamhair!

Maith Seamhair, or happy end of autumn in Frewyn! To celebrate Frewyn's day of the dead, Twisk decided to carve a pumkpin in honour of Damson's Distress publication:

Story for the Day: Gearrog Revisits

Gearrog the Brickmaker is a famous brick and tile maker from a small town in northeastern Westren. He's known in Westren as a master builder, but to the kingdom, and especially to the castle keep, he is known as Vyrdin's saviour. He was the man who reported and testified against Carrighan, the man who made himself Vyrdin's tormentor before Vyrdin came to the keep, and while Gearrog was well-rewarded for his honesty and bravery in coming forward and saving Vyrdin's young life, he still tends his kilns and returns home to Westren for the autmn hunts when he can: