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Tales from Frewyn: Reporter from Marridon novella

TA DA! In honour of the MONTH-LONG Commander and Den Asaan tour, the new Haanta Series novella, Reporter from Marridon, is only 1$. Thank you to Twisk for making the cover!!! Here is the description:

A reporter from Marridon, Frewyn's advanced and allied nation to the north, is dispatched to Diras to meet with the famous Commander and Den Asaan, heroes and saviours of the Two Continents. It would seem to be a simple task, to ask a few questions of the strange woman and giant, but when the reporter slights the king's personal guard, he finds that getting a story to print may be harder than previously conceived.

Boudicca MacDaede: as drawn by Twisk and coloured by Gaspare

Many a time, readers do really nice things. Artist Gaspare did this really lovely colouring of Twisk's illustration and I just had to show it. :D

Khantara excerpt

Khantara, the first standalone in the series, is about Rautu's father and mother. Here is a small excerpt. Enjoy!
 The instant Khantara began to walk the short path to the barracks he was attacked by swarms of wrens and sparrows from the nearby willows, all of them in a flutter to have their turn to speak to the gentle mountain. The owls and nighthawks had taken his evening and now it was only fair that they should have his morning to themselves. He must hear of their new nests and warbling chicks and horrid neighbors, and they were going to claims their perches on his head and shoulders and tell him whether he wished to listen or to ignore them accordingly. He would listen, however; the quick and nervous conversation of the sparrows was often one-sided and he was therefore required to do nothing but allow them to nest in his hair and continue walking. The wrens, however, were lest content to permit him to be indifferent: they would have him hear of every rude caterpillar and impu…

First Look: Reporter from Marridon cover WIP

Tales from Frewyn: The Reporter from Marridon will be the FREE Haanta Series novella starring characters from books 1-6 of the series. To the right is a first look at Mureadh, who will be on the cover of the new novella. His sword is so cool that my eyes cannot help from tearing up at its awesomeness.

As drawn by Twisk. :D

Story for the Day: Kai Linaa's Morning


Silence and solitude

Authors do everything to either observe society or ignore it. Silence is our most precious commodity, and though many might feel that we are reclusive, they cannot see the sometimes hundreds of characters that we can.

I had such a stressful day that when I was left to myself, I had to express it in the following:

the peaceable silence
 the quiet rapture
 the boundless equanimity
 found in an excellent tea
 a pen, a paper
 and one scowl from the most divine creature in the world:
 All my affection is in his pout
 and all my security is in the page

Twisk says it sounds like poem. Odd that I should abominate poetry.

Story for the Day: Alasdair and Carrigh


Story for the Day: The Interview: Part 5

The last part of the Reporter from Marridon story. Enjoy! Part 5                 The reporter groveled in terror when the giant was standing before him: arms built, features austere, a sword so gargantuan, a trove of trappings so varied and astounding as he had never before seen. The giant’s black and violet eyes and intimidating glare were enough to silence him, and though he wished to abscond and hide behind a nearby tree, his notions could not govern his frozen legs.                 The commander held out her hand and the giant made a curt bow without lowering his eyes. “I would like you to meet my mate. Here is the affable Den Asaan Rautu, prepared to answer all of your inquiries with smiling agreement.” She paused and heard a few whimpers from the shivering reporter. “What? Have you nothing to ask? A moment ago you were brimming with questions. I believe you asked about Khopra. My mate shall be happy to illuminate your understanding.”                 “Come, woman,” the giant bellowed…

Why I love Mondays

Mondays are amazing. Why? I always have excellent luck on a Monday: always manage to write more than 10,000 words; always get something fun in the mail; always have the most silence, and here I'll prove it to you.

 So. What is this? This is the paperback version of  Commander and Den Asaan Vol 1!!! Sent to me by my publisher. YAY! But, before I give a copy to the library, what lo! What is this?
Aha! Sent to be my a dear friend and reader, the Commander and Den Asaan Vol 2 cast: Captain Connors, Alasdair and Mad Queen Maeve the horse, the commander and the Den Asaan, who resents being green.
And now, I'm off to donate some books and write over 10,000 words!

Happy Monday!

Story of the Day: The Importance of Breakfast

The Importance of Breakfast                 Though in Frewyn breakfast was widely believed to be the most important meal of the day, there were those who were determined to feel otherwise. While the various farmers in Tyferrim, the yeoman in Castle Diras and peasantry all about the Frewyn countryside  enjoyed their hearty morning meals of oat porridge, cold sausage pies, smoked bacon and coddles eggs, there were few who declared themselves sated by only having a bite of toast and a sip of tea. These, however, were usually those of foreign ancestry, for even the Frewyn nobles were disposed to have a small basin of gruel when their delicate stomachs warranted some nourishment. Those from Livanon enjoyed their sweets in the morning, expatiating the horrid state of their teeth; those from the islands reveled in their Sindhaas and Phoraas, much to the chagrin of those who disliked them; those from Marridon delighted in their baked beans and poached egg; and those from Lucentia would follow…

Story for the Day: The Interview: Part 4