Why I love Mondays

Mondays are amazing. Why? I always have excellent luck on a Monday: always manage to write more than 10,000 words; always get something fun in the mail; always have the most silence, and here I'll prove it to you.

 So. What is this? This is the paperback version of  Commander and Den Asaan Vol 1!!! Sent to me by my publisher. YAY! But, before I give a copy to the library, what lo! What is this?
Aha! Sent to be my a dear friend and reader, the Commander and Den Asaan Vol 2 cast: Captain Connors, Alasdair and Mad Queen Maeve the horse, the commander and the Den Asaan, who resents being green.
And now, I'm off to donate some books and write over 10,000 words!

Happy Monday!