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Story for the Day: The Hole in the Deck

We have two new books coming out in October: The Ship's Crew, the third in the Marridon novellas featuring Danaco, Bartleby, and Rannig, and I Hate Summer, a side project I have been doing about my abhorrence for the past season. If you have not read The Baracan, the second in the Marridon series, it is now on sale HERE, and at all major online retailers. So much writing to finish, so little time...

Yargh! Happy #TalkLikeAPirateDay! Enjoy The Baracan

Salyatations, swallywags! 
It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

We be celebratin' th'day by givin' away the new tome far a pittance! The Baracan's only 2.99, cheaper than a mermaid's fanny, and hours o' readin' tyme for yer pleasure. 

Get yer copy o' the Baracan by clickin' the link HERE

If ye be enjoyin' th' book, give us a holler on the conch.

Yer mate,

Story for the Day: The Mystery of the Caiques

Throughout Danaco, Rannig, and Bartleby's adventures in Sesterna, two caiques have been following them around. and while they've been in the marketplace for sometime, no one knows who trained them to dance or why-- until now.

Story for the Day: The Baracan -- Part 2

Next week sees the release of our next novella, The Baracan, will be available in digital format. Until then, the Leaf Flute digital version will be on sale for everyone. Below is the second excerpt from the upcoming novella. Enjoy:

Story for the Day: The Baracan

The Baracan is the famous boardwalk in Lucentia's capital, known for its exquisite brocades, fine market, and rare commodities, but amongst those in a different rank of life, the Baracan is the word for the Lucentian underground, managed by the current ruler of the kingdom, with agents in every corner of the continents. It is also the title of our next release, and its events will immediately follow those of The Leaf Flute. I wonder which meaning of the Baracan Danaco misses most.