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Story for the Day: Suilli

Commander Suillibhan, or Suilli as many in his regiment know him, is a mountain of a man from Westren, responsible for training the Diras regiments, known for his cruel tutelage, his abrasive nature, his TussNaTuillin accent, and his formidable moustache. He glories in marching around the barracks, giving orders, and making boys into men by shaping their character with unbearable torment. Though he is a taskmaster on the field, he's a kitten in the garrison and adores all of his students with secret parental affection, Draeden and Bryeison being two of his favourite pupils, mostly because they aren't afraid of him and they excel at everything. When Draeden and Bryeison are at a lost as to how to get out of their dates, they seek Suilli's advice as to how they should proceed, and Draeden is never more mortified by the answer he gives them: 
Suilli thundered away, the men gave one another chary looks and dispersed, some to patrol and some to enjoy their last night of abject l…

Story for the Day: The Date - Part 2

Poor Draeden has no idea how to handle officious women. He does try to be civil and ceremonious, but any attempt at evading their approaches often yields his nigh immediate misconstruction and debilitation
In the midst of Draeden’s little fidgets, Bryeison, in leaning his back to the window, gained a better view of the door, where stood the two maids from the hallway, openly remarking him and his armour, and apparently not disliking what they saw. The attention was not unwelcome, but Bryeison was sensible of their admiration being little more than a playful exhibition and thought nothing else of the business. They were kindly and fascinated, however, and while he would not display himself by rippling his muscles as Draeden thought he ought to do, he would treat them with due civility. A cordial smile, and a gracious nod, and the women giggled amongst themselves.
“Are they staring at me again?” said Draeden, wanting to look back and forcing himself not to look. “Why do you look so co…

Story for the Day: The Date - Part 1

Prince Draeden, Alasdair's father, never had much luck with women. When he was young, many ladies in and about the keep would insult his slatternly dress, his emaciated frame, and even his bedraggled appearance, claiming he had no pride in his title and would rather be a peasant than the next Prince of Frewyn. And right they were, though Draeden could have done without the mockery. He joined the armed forces at seventeen and decided to be useful to his kingdom by defending his father's rule. Donning armour, while getting rid of the nobles, evinced a whole new set of problems: solicitation from the yeomanry. 

Baked apples were waiting on table as Draeden and Bryeison entered the kitchen, but while Draeden went through the varying humours from anxiety to excitement and back again as he marched toward his conquest, Bryeison stepped over the threshold and paused. His countenance pretended to be listening to Draeden’s dissertation on fishing and foraging while his awareness was on t…

Story for Mother's Day: Sister Mithe

Gaumhin (pronounced Gowan), one of the Captains of the Royal Guard, grew up in in a small orphanage in TussNaTuillin, Westren's westernmost village. He was raised by Sister Mithe, a tender and jovial woman, who became a model mother figure to him. Constantly passed up for adoption, Gaumhin had almost given up hope of finding a family, until the day finally came when he was summoned to be fostered by a family in the east, and while the day was a happy one for him and all those who loved him, it was also a torment to those who had raised him and looked after him as a son. A dissonance of strident mirth rang out from where Gaumhin and the children sat, and Mithe was gone directly, off to tell the farmer that he was to convey Gaumhin to the east by evening, and then to sob out her beleaguering woes in the privacy of her own little room, where her red eyes and crimsoned cheeks would go unnoticed by the chief of the chuch’s inhabitants, where she might cherish the selfish notions of wis…

Khantara: Special Edition!

In honour of the upcoming summer holidays and the new tour, Khantara gets a new classic style cover! 

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Story for the Day: Storytellin'

Frewyn has a longstanding tradition of storytelling. Westren in particular has a celebrated and dynamic oral tradition and spearheaded the literature movement during the First Golden Age. While the rest of the kingdom enjoys a good yarn now and again and revels in retelling personal stories, folks from Westren revel in the tales about the times of Brennan, the kingdom's old chieftains. 

The boys flocked to Gaumhin, nestling against his sides and gazing up at him with all the expectancy that their eagerness could warrant.
“Make room for yur sesster. Here, Blinne-hen, sit on mah left, and Fei-lad move to mah right. Ossin, ye draw up tha’ blanket tae warm us, an’ Ahll thenk o’ a story.”   “We want a good story,” Irall demanded, wedging himself between his brothers. “A good story, aye? None o’ the other stories Ah teld ye were good?” “They were good too,” said Ossin, “but we want a better one.” “A better yin.” Gaumhin made a deliberating hum and glanced out the window, where the snows…