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The Haanta Series venerates Leonard Nemoy: #LLAP

Yesterday, Scotty beamed Mr Spock back to the Enterprise, and while Leonard Nemoy will forever be remembered here on earth in the 21st century, his 23rd century counterpart, born in 2230AD and still very much alive, has left his katra, the whole of his memories and experiences as a corporal being, to us. I had meant to write something yesterday, but did not know what. I could not say anything for a while, especially when the legend in question had already given his thoughts on life so poingantly himself:

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"

Here were his last words to the public, and who could have known how seriously they might be felt. Leonard Nemoy was more than Spock, he was a true artist, studying every discipline from language to photography. He was always generous with his friends and fans, myself included in the latter, but his most enduring lesson I think will be the one he taught us through his portrayal …

Story of the Day: Cabhrin's Curragh - Part 2

We are getting ready to send out our next novella, featuring the full story between Breigh, Cabhrin, and Jaicobh. If you'd like to receive the novella and all the subsequent stories in e-book format, visit out Patreon page here. Enjoy the rest of the story!

Story for the Day: Cabhrin's Curragh - Part 1

We all have those comforts which we run to when distraught. For Cabhrin Donnegal his curragh, the small Frewyn coracle he build with his father, is forever a source of immense appeasement. It was something that he and his father shared which no one else could touch and nothing else could equal, and when his father's illness consumed their family, Cabhrin often returned to his curragh, to sit and be silent and remember a time when his father could still join him in all the little interests belonging to the lake

Story for #ValentinesDay: The Bangstraw and the Whistle -- Part 2

Happy Brigid's Day! To honour the Frewyn holiday, which ushers in the coming of spring, we gave a new novella to all our patrons! And now, the second part of a piece featured in the novella, the Bangstraw and the Whistle:

Story for the Day: The Bangstraw and the Whistle -- Part 1

Frewyn has many national instruments, including the 8-string Frewyn fiddle, the warpipes, and the mandolin, but while there are many instruments that can boast of being in the official running, the bangstraw and the tin whistle, though beloved, are considered to be on the peasant end of the instrumental hierarchy of the kingdom. The bangstraw, which is something like a banjo, was supposedly invented in Marridon by farmers and somehow made its way down to the fields of Sethshire, where it was popularized by farmhands and carried across the country. The tin whistle has a similar story, but was brought to Frewyn by sailors instead of farmers. Both instruments are played in traditional sets, though outside of the kingdom they are disparaged and disregarded as having no merit in the musical community. Those who can play them well, however, must certainly prove these claims wrong: